2007 – 2008

2007 is almost over. wow. It has been quite an eventful year. I look at my calendar and I find many events, turning points, happy moments and sad ones too.

Let’s take a look at my previous list.

  1. I didn’t start a masters degree.
  2. I took the DELF exam (B2), but I didn’t take the DELE yet.
  3. I don’t practice Aikido anymore (not even rarely!).
  4. I bought my first DSLR (yay!), I made my first exhibition, mmm I didn’t mention this on my blog, but it was held in el sakiat, I was so happy about it, the only drawback is that I had a terrible flu! btw a photo of mine is exhibited in the exhibition held in Diwan Heliopolis! So I guess I’m satisfied with the photography accomplishment in 2007, yet I’m eager for more…
  5. Now, let’s get back. I didn’t study history or philosophy, but I started to read more about history, yet I need more.
  6. “Travel more”, well, I didn’t go to most of the places I wanted to see. I passed by Helwan observatory, but it was after their working hours, I wonder where I put the contacts of their PR guy!! And I went to El Hamra in Wadi El natroun. But the best trip is of course the HIKING in el Galt el Azraq!
  7. I didn’t learn how to dive
  8. same for para sailing
  9. I’m keeping up with cycling and golf, but not with the frequency I would like
  10. creating a good photo portfolio,,,, mmm, I didn’t do that exactly, but I started to have a big collection, yet I want to classify them and diversify it
  11. No Tai CHi for the time being, I can’t even remember the last time I did it!
  12. Reading, that’s something that will never end 🙂

i addition to this list, 2007 witnessed major life changing decisions. Even though I changed my career in 2006, it was within the same company and the same circle (at least sort of), but in 2007 I made a huge career shift. It is still a bit scary, but I’m getting more comfortable elhamdlelah. I had a couple of other critical decisions, some of which i didn’t take yet! 😉

I wanted to write in this post my 2008 list, but frankly I have no idea how things are gonna be like.

Definitely I will be reading more, and will be traveling more, i will also try stuff that I didn’t do before, and will meet all sorts of people. Insha allah I want to improve my photography, but that’s another story.

Frankly, i don’t know what to add in this list. Perhaps it will come eventually…




7 responses to “2007 – 2008

  1. thank you Operon (btw I got the flu for the second time 😦 )
    thank you D
    thanks Xero, and welcome to my blog 🙂
    thanks Juka, miss u keteer keteer keteer!
    thank you hani for ur wishes,,, ya rab ya rab 😉

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