Hiking diaries

I found some papers I had with me during the hiking trip 🙂 :

“The best thing about hiking is to learn how to grow the sense of endurance. The mind has two options, either to reach for the impossible, or to find the safest haven. Both choices are crucial to life, but when one side wholly conquers the other, then the human being is in serious danger. 

There is nothing better than the moment I’m living in. surrounded by amazing people. Observing the moon. Had an interesting challenge. Feeling self confident (in contrast to the pre-hike phase of uncertainty and fear).

The only thing that makes me feel out of mood is knowing that my mother is anxious about me because this is y first time to do something like that, but I know that I will make feel more comfortable. The other thing is feeling some pain in my feet and my back, but this will go away.

This is our second (and last) night, and till this moment I can’t believe that I am here! Please God, give me the opportunity to discover my potential and discover the world.I hope that this calm sensation will help me reach a good decision in the changes I want to have in my life.”


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