For the past few months education is haunting my mind. Most of the problems I witness are originated -in my opinion- from the ‘decaying’ educational system. the sexual harassment in the streets, the ignorance, the lack of creativity, the helplessness, the laziness,,,,, I can go on and on and on. And the worst thing is that even supposedly “good” schools are not good anymore. And if I were a parent I would need thousands of pounds just to offer my kids a decent learning experience. I can’t beleive the amount of money people pay for their kids in their primary education! It’s absurd!!

El mohem

Trying to look for the solution, and not just stare at the problem, let’s try to analyze the situation, at least for the sake of the argument.

1) there is a very high illiteracy rate in Egypt (especially among women). And even those who know how to read and write can not claim that they had a pleasant educational experience (even for the upper middle class who are considered to have the means to send their kids to considerably good schools).

2) the educational system is very complicated. It constitutes of: the student, the teacher, the curriculum, the management (the director of the school, the administration, the ministry). Each one of those has his own problems that may collide with the other.

3) the overpopulation makes any effort to revolutionize seems to be insignificant


that’s just the beginning



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