Durrell Celebration

I was passing by the British Council at Agouza, and was surprised to read a BIG sign about a celebration of Durrell! I was so excited, even though I didn’t read The Alexandria Quartet yet, but I still have it on my list. When I was young, I asked my father about it and he gave me a version in French, but he was a bit reluctant to give it to me, he said it won’t suit my age. He was right. I didn’t enjoy it back then, I don’t recall even finishing “Justine” which is part one of the quartet.

Back to the celebration.

Generations of writers have been inspired by the multi-cultural, outward-looking city of Alexandria. In recent history the most famous literary work by a non-Egyptian author is Lawrence Durrell’s Justine, the first volume of his Alexandria Quartet. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of his book.  The British Council and the Alexandria & Mediterranean Research Centre are co-hosting a programme of events about Durrell, the man, and Alexandria’s continuing influence on writers today.

A walking tour of the city has been specially created for participants in this celebration featuring the key places from the literary works of Durrell and others. These places will also be recorded in a printed map of ‘literary Alexandria’.


I don’t think that I’ll be able to go to Alexandria, but I’ll do my best. This event is not to be missed!


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