Cold places

I have always felt that I don’t like Medinet Nasr and El Mohandessin. (No Offense to anyone living there). It just feels like a plastic wrapped districts. The architecture is horrible. The traffic is insane. There is no ‘soul’ in these places. That’s why it’s filled with shopping malls and streets (City Stars, Abbas El Akkad, City Center, Gam3et el Dewal, Shehab,,,)

Compare this to Maadi (trees, relatively quite, distinctive, nadi el yaght, Kotob Khan, cilantro st. #9,,,), Zamalek (el sawy, also distinctive architecture, sequoia, diwan,,,), Heliopolis (lovely houses, il pennelo, Diwan -coming soon- ,,,).

Even after considering what makes a place appealing for me more than the other, the logical things like what I mentioned may not seem very convincing…

Maybe it’s the factor of time. Time glorifies things sometimes (or leads to decay at other times)….


I’ve never been to el khalig countries, but I feel that I will have the same sensation there. Plastic Plastic Plastic.


Lately I’ve been reading Galal Amin’s “ماذا علمتني الحياة؟ / What did life teach me?”. It’s pretty interesting. The author lived for 4 years in Kuwait. He had a well paid job, nice apartment, a car, and owned many stuff, but he didn’t feel at ease. I can imagine what he went through. That’s why – if I had the choice- i wouldn’t live in a city like Dubai even though many people (especially Egyptians) would dream of going there.


It really can get cold amidst the hottest weather…


4 responses to “Cold places

  1. You are definitely right about Kuwait and Madinet Nasr, I was unlucky to live in both areas. Both are lifeless and always give u the feeling of living in a concrete box, versus Alexandria where I originally come from and always feel a need to go back to because every street and corner has its own story to tell.

  2. Regarding your opinion about Dubai, this is exactly what I tell my friends every single time I come back from there and I say that I didn’t enjoy it.
    People wonder why I wouldn’t like such a city, and the simple answer is: It’s all fake!. I can’t deny that I was impressed by the huge glass buildings, the super cars and the eight-lane roads, but this was all gone after the first day of the first visit. After that, you realize that there is no spirit in this city, for me, it’s like the city of the dead, a very crowded city of the dead though.
    People who dream about living there are after the big salary (that you will save a penny of it by the way) and the nice car; so you can imagine how shallow those people are. I would tell them: Have fun, enjoy it 😉

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