Feeling a photo

What makes a photo a good one?

I used to say that whatever I see as a beautiful can be turned into a beautiful picture. But now when I look back at my own pictures, I feel that a good subject is definitely not enough to make a good photo. And even if you find the perfect angle to take this shot, there will remain something that needs to make u different from the hundreds photographers who saw the same scenery.

I feel that there is a need to build a story, or to send a certain sensation in order to consider a piece of art a pretty one. This rule is applicable not only on photography, but also on books, music, movies, paintings,,, etc.

There is something I need to discover

For some odd reasons, the phrase “in search for a meaning” doesn’t feel like too cheesy anymore.


2 responses to “Feeling a photo

  1. Oh I totally agree with you, never have truer words spoken. I try to convey a feeling in my photo’s, and the one’s that don’t convey anything, are meant to show off what that photo is.

    Cool blog. 🙂

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