El Shayatin

A couple of days ago (or was it weeks?) I went to see El Shayatein movie -finally- ! When I first heard about the idea of turning the old stories into a movie, I was a bit scared that the low production of the Egyptian cinema might ruin it. I also got to know that this is the first commercial movie for the director, and I beleive that starting with an action movie is a big challenge. Plus, some of my friends didn’t like it much. But I couldn’t say no to go and watch Ahmed (from Egypt), Osman (from Sudan), Elham (from lebanon), Qeis (from Yemen), Boemir (From Algeria),,,,  🙂


I loved: the lighting (except for a couple of mistakes), the location, the camera, the colours (isn’t called art director?), the fights techniques, the actors

I didn’t love: some of the conversations (a bit too much), it’s a bit like Ocean 11, there is no Kamal, unjustifiably prolonged in the beginnings, Dolly Shahin showing lots of flesh,


The funny thing is that 99% of the techniques used in the movie is AIKIDO! I discovered that I know the guy who trained Sherif Mounir for the fighting scenes. He is a very good aikidoka. It was funny watching the aikido techniques on the big screen 🙂 Tab3an my friends kept telling me “and you say that it’s a peaceful martial art!” , I couldn’t help myself from laughing in the middle of the fights 🙂 I can name almost all of these techniques!


It’s a nice movie, not a “super” action one though, but definitely I would love to see more from the Ahmed Abu Zeid, he has a new vision, and I think it will be a fresh breeze in the egyptian cinematography.


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