What’s on my agenda

It’s been almost a month (maybe two) that I didn’t talk about Cairo’s events, that’s not to say that there aren’t  much events, actually there are. Okay,,,, maybe it’s much less than during Ramadan (!!!!), but still there are many interesting stuff going on around here.

During the past few weeks, I attended two very interesting events. One of them was called “Her space, Our space: Girls & Women Pushing the Boundaries of Cyberspace“, it was held in the AUC, and hosted Mona el Tahawy, Wahda Masreya, Hadouta and some others. There were lots of discussion about the point behind blogging (especially for women), the benefits and the problems of blogging, what we face in the Egyptian society,,,, etc. It was my first time to attend such a gathering, and I loved it 🙂

The second event that was also very interesting was about the Student movements throughtout the 20th century. It was also my first time to visit Nahdet El Mahroussa. (I loved their slogan مسئوليتي كمصري ! ) Aliaa Mossalam presented the subject (actually it was her masters thesis). I learned lots of things about the role of youth in general and of the university (tab3an I mean Cairo university). I was interested in this lecture because lately I am thinking alot about the educational renaissance in Egypt. Most of the problems we face here are generated due to the inefficient educational system. And it pains me that there is no real hope for a drastic change in the next few decades. So in that preseentation I was particularly interested in learning of Aliaa’s experience with the older generation, and how they viewed their years at university. Of course their views is MUCH different from what we have now. But that’s another issue…

So what’s next???

Remember “Shaklaha Bazet” ? It talked mainly about the memoirs of Egyptians who witnessed the changes of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Now Omar Taher turned his eyes to the younger generation and brought them “Captain Masr”. The book signing will be held at “Kotob Khan” tomorrow at 7:30 pm.  The book is very promising, but it is ,,,,, different from other books. First of all he addresses a generation that doesn’t read, so he tries to invite them with all his means. So don’t expect a real Arabic language. Most of the time he uses the 3ameya, with lots of mixing between english and arabic. Actually I see his point, that’s why I support his trials. But I know that many people will not welcome it. One particular chapter I loved was about studying. Omar did a great job in catching the attention of the tenager, then trying to analyze with him the issue. Brilliant.

On Tuesday there is a concert by Rania Shaalan in el sakiat. It’s called “Reflections”. I don’t know exactly the type of her music, but some friends attended her previous concert and recommended her. mmmm let’s see.

On Thursday there is The Arabian Horses Beauty contest. It’s held at el zahraa (which were famous stables during the monarchy days). I attended a competition there, but it was about training the horses on doing certain movements (i think this is called “Adab el kheil”), it’s a beautiful place.

This is it for now 🙂 I’ll try to write on more events soon…


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