Childhood Treasures :)

Thank God I found these on YouTube! I was desperate to listen to these songs ! 🙂
It’s weird that for these songs I don’t feel the urge to look for and download the mp3, I feel that whenever I want to listen to them, I will just have to come here 🙂


3 responses to “Childhood Treasures :)

  1. Nousha! Thanks alot girl for these long lost treasures!
    you have brought back very nice memories essara7a.. I have been very nostalgic ba2aly fatra and this was really fulfilling 😀
    this has brought Tears to my eyes 😀

    I loved the Amr Diab and Sherihan song too! ana 3omry mashoftaha bardo..bass it was very hilarious to watch!
    Thanks nousha..!

    toooot toooot toot tooot toot toot toot!
    ana haddawar ba2a 3ala 7aga nelly 😀

  2. 🙂
    i had the same feeling…!
    it made me wonder how innocent i was in like 10 years a go…

    nice blog….

    the exhibition over at Goethe


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