The Manual of Life

THAT’s an interesting exhibition!

I saw some of Orensa’s work, and he is VERY VERY VERY talented! masha`allah!

He has lots of ideas. So if you happen to pass by Zamalek, go and take a look, it’s impressive.



Dear Photographers,

I cordially invite you to my fourth solo photography exhibition “The manual of life”. It tells the story of life from pre-birth to post-death passing through diversity, identity, perspective and uncertainty. Hundreds of images, music, and text all together form “The Manual of Life”. For those who dare to face their life face to face, come and experience it ……..
Note: do not expect it to be funny.

Venue: Faculty of Fine Arts, Zamalek

Date & Time: 21st of October 2007, from 10:00am to 10:00pm

Please find the attached invitation.

Wish to see you there and chat for a while,

Amr Orensa



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