Blood Diamond & The Louvre

Two things moved me tonight.

I have just watched “Blood Diamond”, I heard so much about that movie but I didn’t have the heart to spend two hours at home watching a movie, but tonight I was not in the  mood for reading, or TV, or hanging out. So I got the movie and stayed at home.

First of all, Di Caprio at last is doing A Movie (even though I can totally imagine Brad Pitt doing the part more than perfectly!). Even though I don’t know the rest of the cast (will have to google in a few seconds), but they were amazing. the good characters and the bad characters.

An African guy was snatched from his family by a group of rebels to extract diamond, they sell the diamond to get weapon to fight the government, meanwhile they kill anyone they consider as enemy and use children as soldiers. The guy finds a big piece of diamond and decides to hide it because that’s the only hope for him and his family. An ex-mercenary who is now in the blood diamond business gets to know about this big diamond, decides to help the guy finding his family, in order to reach it. His life depends on this diamond because he owes a colonel lots of money and this is his only hope to get out of Africa. Meanwhile he meets a journalist, who tries to report on the blood diamond business, she is fed up with the horror stories she sends to her publisher, she is now after facts, data and photos. She can only get this if the ex-mercenary helps her. During that time one of the heads of the rebels is also after the diamond, as he saw the african guy holding it, he knows his name and he kidnaps his son.

So now we have the african guy looking for his family and his son. an ex-mercenary looking for the diamond that will get him from this place. The journalist wanting to have an impact that might change this mess.

One scene I really liked when the ex-mercenary found the kid, yet the kid was scared from him and ran away. For a second it felt like the guy was struggling to save the last bit of innocence in his soul, that small part of him he hides well.

It’s a movie to remember.


I got to know that Dubai is renting the Louvre’s name for 30 years. In order to encourage the cultural scene in Dubai and the “dailogue of cultures”, there will be a branch of the Louvre in Dubai expected to be launched in 2012. It will show around 300 piece of art (the Mona Lisa will not be disturbed, don’t worry).

Dubai government will pay 525 M $ for the “license”, and the 24,000 square feet museum will cost around 109 M $.


I can’t beleive this!

I have always heard that Dubai is just a plastic wrapped city. The main entertainmnet is shopping (oops,,, and the night life). That’s why dubai is very interested in building that big building, having the biggest whatever, acquiring the fastest stuff. But now it is reaching also the art scene!!! 634 M $ are paid to have a “franchise” of the Louvre! Wow! can u imagine the things that can be done by this amount of money??   Don’t they watch One TV ads anymore??

And what about the Louvre administration? this is not a call for ‘cultural spread’, this will definitely open the door for museums auctions!

I have recently heard about the economic value of culture, and how a powerful culture can be a direct monetary national resource, even though this field is a bit problematic, but I can imagine for example how plans and projects initiated to make sure that prominent artists won’t die of starvation, then have their paintings hanged in the most famous museums as the finest pieces of art. Artists are human beings. They eat, they get married, they shop,,,, they need to have a decent living. But selling a museum like this, is plain commercial!

Also I suppose that Dubai government would have made a wiser decision to dedicate this money in discovering the talents hiding in its society. At least this way it will have a deeper impact (that’s if they were interested in the bang effect in the newspapers), but what good will it be for them in year 2042? They will either renew the contract for 1000 M $, or will just shut the place down!

What a waste of money!

What a waste of money!


One response to “Blood Diamond & The Louvre

  1. I’ve yet to see the movie, but you make it sound good. Meanwhile PLEASE refrain from mentioning Dubai! I hate them these days (more on that on my blog later).

    Hope you had a great Eid vacation dear. Hope to see you over lunch tomorrow, I’m assuming her excellency has called you.

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