Tawq al-Hamama

Ibn Hazman Andalusian-Arab philosopher, litterateur, historian, jurist and theologian born in Córdoba in 994, wrote a very interesting book. It’s called Tawq al-Hamama (‘The Ring of the Dove’). He gives detailed description of love as an attribute and accident. Also, the different catagories of love, including: falling in love while asleep (!!), falling in love through a description, falling in love at first sight, etc. … he is merely scrutinizing scenarios from the lives of the people he knew or was told about – be they righteous or sinful. 

What amazes me is that this controversial subject is adderessed by someone like him! He has lots of books on jurisprudential principles, on sects, on morals,,, etc. How distant is the situation back then compared to our situation!

By mere chance I found an online copy of the old manuscript!




2 responses to “Tawq al-Hamama

  1. I was searching for some info. abt Route 66 and found ur blog .. let’s say it was not a disappointment at all .. Thx for the book i read some and really enjoy it 🙂


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