El Hamra

Last Saturday I went with some friends to have Iftar is a special place. It’s called “El Hamra Ecolodge” located in wadi el Natroun, off Cairo – Alex desert road. It’s 100 km from midan Lebanon, so the journet takes around one hour (the same distance approx to El Ein El Sokhna).

It’s a bit far for Iftar, but it was worth it. After all, it was on my list of places I wanted to visit in 2007. 🙂

The lodge has few huts, and a swimming pool. It is very close to the lake. However, I didn’t have the time to walk around the place much, that’s why I didn’t take lots of photos…

While parking the car, I saw a herd of camels by the lake! It was an amazing view! Too bad I was too late to arrive there 😦

So what’s with the strange name “El hamra” / The Red ?

The deep red colour of the highly saline water is the result of its distinctive mineral component, a pink coloured natural mineral that is categorised as a type of salt called natron. Natron is found in abundance throughout the area, which is how Wadi Al-Natrun (Natron Valley) acquired its name. During summer, and due to high temperatures, the water of the spring starts to evaporate, unveiling piles and piles of the precious mineral.” Mohamed El Hebeishy (Ahram Weekly)

Another review for the French readers: “Deux grappes de bâtiments blanchis à la chaux et surmontés de dômes à la Hassan Fathi se font face à travers le lac. Ce sont deux petits hôtels, Fisherman’s Village et El-Hammra Eco-Lodge (qui tire son nom el-hamra: la rouge, de la couleur du lac) qui se décrivent comme des «logements écologiques», l’appellation à la mode qui permet de faire payer cher le manque quasi total de confort. Pas de climatisation, une électricité capricieuse, des repas sommaires et des douches au gré de la pression d’eau. Mais quelle retraite splendide pour les amoureux, les ornithologues amateurs ou les écrivains en quête d’inspiration!” Fayza Hassan (La revue d’Egypt) 

Overall, it’s a nice place to visit 🙂


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