Archaeological Surveys in South Sinai

I found few books that may be of interest to desert enthusiasts.

One of them is about the work of “Archaeological Surveys in South Sinai” / تقرير عن أعمال المسح الأثري لبعض المناطق الأثرية في منطقة جنوب سيناء . The book is published by The Supreme Council of Antiquities  المجلس الأعلى للآثار. The book is considerably small in size, yet full of information. It has an interesting list of Archaeological sites in South Sinai, with some basic information on how to get there, some history and few pictures.

Do not expect very good quality though of the paper or the pictures, and surprisingly it’s without much mapping! But you will be fascinated with the various sites of Rock Arts and ancient writings in different parts of this rich area of Egypt.

Archaeological Surveys in South Sinai


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