Shou ma3na hal 7ayah?

Last Friday was the anniversary of my blog. It’s funny how I anticipated this day few weeks ago, and kept thinking about the things I’m gonna say about my blogging experience, and on that day, I totally forgot! I had Iftar at my cousin’s (this was my first time to visit her after her marriage), then I went to el Azhar Park to attend a concert by Upper Egypt Choir (كورال الصعيد ) singing Sayed Darwish, Salah Jahin and Fouad Haddad songs and poems. (They were amazing btw! These kids were sooooo good, I’m thinking of going again on the 5th of October at the British Council). So I went home drained and fell asleep at once. No blogging thoughts whatsoever.

So what about this year of blogging…

Definitely I enjoyed it tremendously. I got to know amazing people, many of whom I discovered that we has lots of friends in common! El donia soghaiara moooot!

I remember when I was young that I had no problem in So`al el ta3bir, when I hold a pen I can write many pages non stop. This doesn’t mean that I write some significant in itself, I just loved the feeling of taking all on paper.

I also had all the freedom to write whatever coming on my mind, little things and big things.

Perhaps my next step in this blog would be to write some meaningful posts along side the small, unedited kind of posts. Hopefully I will have time to sit and arrange for it 



Last Saturday, me and my friends decided to have a different Iftar, so we took our dishes and headed to ein el sokhna. It’s not that far from Cairo, it’s only 1 hour of driving. We spent the day there, the guys went swimming, I took lots of photos, we ate, had small talks while sitting on the beach (mostly sentimental topics thanks to the romantic atmosphere  ), played a new game (التعلب و الفلاحين) which was surprisingly very entertaining, the guys played playstation (I really can’t believe them!), we also played Risk for a while, we sang in the car on our way back home. It was fun 
Elhamdlelah the place was deserted; no one could have tolerated the noise we made. 😉
That was the best Iftar I had so far!


This year I was surprised when I knew that two of my recent acquaintances do not fast during Ramadan! It’s really weird being a Muslim Egyptian (and living in Egypt) and not fast during Ramadan! Even those who don’t pray regularly (even at all) and don’t follow the rituals of Islam in general, they try to go with the flow and refrain from eating and drinking like the others. I don’t dare judge both sides, only God knows what lies in their heart, and only God knows that I am far from criticizing others when in it comes to their relation with the Most Merciful. But still, this remains to be a cultural shock in a way…


On the 14th of September 2004, I dressed up and started my professional life.
This was my first day in the company that I work in. I worked in the call center for a while. Yes, I used to answer the customers’ enquiries and demands and try to solve their problems (I should tell you about this period one day  )
(Before this one, I worked for another company, but it was for only 2 weeks, so it is counted.)
I remember sitting in a meeting room, trying to memorize the names of 15 newly hired colleagues (I’m very bad with names). We had few weeks of induction to the company’s culture and background. Then we started the real thing.
I remember my first day 
God, I was scared!
Now as I remember it, it feels like ages ago, not just 3 years!
شو معنى هالحياة
حلم ومارق ساعات
الباقي من عمري بهديك
وعمري لحظه بتناديك
امبارح واليوم ولاخر يوم حبيبي

حبيبي – ماجدة الرومي

Few days ago, I was attending a concert with some friends, and I was introduced to some of their friends. El mohem, one of the guys was sitting next to me, having this little talk, and after few minutes he asked for my number! The guy seemed ghalban moot, not the flirty type, but he was not my type of male friends. But I just gave it to him knowing that he won’t call me, and if he did I’ll not be that bothered as I’ll manage to end the conversation without giving a snobbish face. Nevertheless, I didn’t understand why he did it, it was like a teenager trying to pull it together and try to talk to a girl, and this guy was –at least- in his late 20’s or early 30’s, he should by now know how to differentiate between acquaintances, colleagues, friends,,,


2 responses to “Shou ma3na hal 7ayah?

  1. Happy first blogging anniversary 🙂

    You know, you made me wonder why did I have problems with so2al el ta3beer.. that was the worst thing ever for me.. though now I’m capable of writing pages non stop!

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