My Birthday !

I discovered that last tuesday was my birthday according to the hijri calendar! Now I am 25 years old !

I know that I was born in Ramadan, and thanks to the calendar converter I got to know the exact day: the 5th of Ramadan 🙂

In the 1940’s, my grandmother was under age for marriage according to the Gergorian calendar, so they used the Hijri one instead for the contract! Till now I can’t beleive that she got married that early! At the age of 15 I was still in sanaweya amma ta`riban! Wow


5 responses to “My Birthday !

  1. I think knowing your Hijri birthday is a great thing.. mine is the Hijri New Year.. Having an extra day to celebrate is good, even if all you do is just smile a little more. Happy birthday! 🙂

  2. Memz, yes 🙂 did u forget that I’m older than u with 6 whole days?? 😉

    Lasto adri, me neither 🙂

    Omluji, thanks 🙂

    Deee, there is nothing better than celebrations 😉 thanks

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