A piece of my mind

I stole the title from Nerro 🙂 . Yaaah, it has been a very long time since I just wrote about what’s going on my mind. Maybe it’s a good sign, as I tend to discuss these issues with people around me, maybe it’s not as I prefer thinking in words sometimes.

Ramadan: I feel it’s easy and relaxing. After 6 hours of work, I am not that tired when I go back home. Prayers are beautiful. It feels like I’m having an internal scrub. So far I had iftar all days with the family, and afterwards I go see some friends. Today I will start the iftar evenings with friends. Today at K’s, tomorrow at C’s, after tomorrow with 250 or with K, Friday at R’s, Saturday at M’s. Other than that I am booked for all the weekends till the last day of Ramadan.

I posted the cultural map of Ramadan, but it seems that I am not thrilled to go out that much.

Few days ago I attended the wedding of one of my friends. It was my first time to attend a wedding in a church that is not for an orthodox christian. It was amazing! with an there was an orchestra, the choir was 40+ person! It really was very pleasant.

At work, the air is kinda sleepy. The web admin prevents me from checking many blogs (except from the google reader), and now I can’t even post comments to any blogspot!!! I keep telling myself that I will go back home and post it, but I totally forget 😦

My favorite group of friends is having some sort of a crisis, due to a stupid misunderstanding!! Hopefully things will be sorted out tonight. After all we are in Ramadan, the month most suitable for ironing out any conflict. Ya rab… (update: there might be a glimpse of light…)

Regarding the facebook, I’m starting to like tiny stuff about it. For example, the Honesty Box application I decided to use it to send positive feedback to some people who I didn’t see for quite some time.

A song I listened to:

Dalida’s “Laissez moi danser” was repeated over and over again during the past week. I really loved that song.

Moi, je vis d’amour et de danse
Je vis comme si j’étais en vacances
Je vis comme si j’étais éternelle
Comme si les nouvelles étaient sans problèmes
Moi, je vis d’amour et de rire
Je vis comme si y avait rien à dire
J’ai tout le temps d’écrire mes mémoires
D’écrire mon histoire à l’encre bleue

And here is a humble english translation:

I live for love and dancing
I live as if I were on holiday
I live as if I were eternal
As if the news were without problems
I live for love and laughter
I live as if there was nothing more to say
I have all the time to write my memories
To write my history with blue ink

A book I’m enjoying:

I have just finished Harry Potter and the deathly hollows. It’s nice and everything but I couldn’t wait to finish it, it’s just so big for a children book! Seems like I am not a Harry Potter fan (sorry Juka, I tried). 

Now I’s reading Bayna l-Jazri wa l-Madd (Between the Ebb and Flow) by Mai Ziadeh. I love it! I discovered it by chance when I was looking in my grandfather’s library. It was published in 1923 ta`riban. It’s more of a collection of articles she wrote on diverse occasions. I want to quote her in more than one issue cause many of her opinions are surprisingly still valid till today, or gives an image of what the situation was in the beginings of the 20th century, I decided to wait till I finish it all and collect the different subjects that she raises in it (the civilization, the arabic language, literature,,,). I truly respect that woman.


One response to “A piece of my mind

  1. It’s alright.. I hated this installment of HP anyways!

    Your current reading sounds fun, too bad I’m reading Investment 101 and International Finance during the holy month!

    I miss you 🙂

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