I hate stereo types. I hate it when people categorize me according to their previous experiences. Masalan, they find that I have X quality, and they know people who had this X quality along with Y and Z, so they presume automatically that I have X Y Z and act upon this assumption even though I have W and X.

Maybe it’s just a problem of mis-communication,,, I don’t know,,,


I discovered a new higher target in my life:

“To enjoy the process of Being”


2 responses to “Be

  1. “To enjoy the process of being.”

    That’s pure genius. No point in wasting life trying to figure out how to be more acceptable to others; who cares?! Its about who were really are deep down inside and how we can truly reflect it on the outside. To be or not to be? TO BE TO BE TO BE…ME.

    (Ramadan Kareem!)

  2. Kol sana wenti tayeba ya Sou 🙂
    It doesn’t make sense to be something that you are not, that’s for sure. I liked To Be To Be To Be To Be Me 🙂
    Also what I meant by “being” is to work on the happiness in life and after death. That’s why I didn’t write “to enjoy living” 🙂

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