I’M BACK!!! 🙂

Akhiran I took a week off work, my first long vacation! I went for a hike in Sinai with some friends, then headed for Marina for another 3 days. There are tons of things that was on my mind. The experience of my first hike. Sleeping under the moonlight. Stagazing. Walking in the valleys. Feeling the cold water amidst the mountains in the middle of a hot day. Defeating the mountains. Chating with the Bedouins. Learning about some geology, botany, culture,,,. Getting to know about Saint Catherine. Heard about the castle of Abbas. Captured lots of photos. Sang old songs. Got to know many people. Slept in a sleeping bag. Ate nuts and fruits straight from the trees….. Oh I can go on and on about the things I want to talk about 🙂

But before I do that I want to check out what’s happening in Cairo this September. Let’s see:


9/9 (i.e. today) Poetry & Calligraphy night @ Kotob Khan @ 9 pm. Gihan Amr will read her poems (from “Before we hate Paulo Coelho”, while Calligrapher Sameh Ismail writes Poetry in Arabic Calligraphy… Too bad I can’t make it…

And Azza Balbaa @ sakiat el sawy @ 9 pm

10/9 El Sohbageya @ sakiat el sawy @ 8:30 pm

And Wayward “rock music” @ sakiat el sawy @ 9 pm

And Book launch “أسباب وجيهة للفرح/ Good Reasons to be Happy” by Omar Mostafa @ Town House Gallery @ 8:30 pm. I met Omar in one of my friends’ felouka nights. He showed us his poetry book, and he also played Anoun and sang to us kaman 🙂 . The book is very sweet. It will remind you of childhood with the bright colours of the drawings. Also his poems are very simple and cheerful. Very recommended.

11/9 Wust El Balad @ sakiat el Sawy @ 9 pm. The website of el sakiat mentions that it’s gonna be free admission! I can’t imagine how crowded this is gonna be! So even if I were free that night, I don’t think I will go there khaless…

16/9 Omar Khayrat @ sakiat el Sawy @ 10 pm

18/9 Omar Khayrat @ Cairo Opera House “the main hall” @ 9 pm

And Nassir Shamma @ sakiat el Sawy @ 10 pm

19/9 Tanoura troupe @ Wikalet El Ghouri

And A Baroque Concert @ AUC (Ewart Hall) @ 9 pm. I can’t imagine how it is going to be like 🙂

20/9 “Musica Antigua” troupe  @ Prince Taz palace @ 9 pm. It’s a spanish troupe that aims at reviving the old spanish music

And Eftekasat @ sakiat el sawy @ 9:30 pm

And “Les yeux de la Momie Ma” directed by Ernst Lubisch (a silent movie with some jazz music) @ CFCC @ 9:30

21/9 Fathy Salama @ Cairo Opera House “open theater” @ 9 pm

And Fouad Haddad songs @ El Geneina Theater in El Azhar Park

22/9 “Musica Antigua” @ El Geneina Theater in el Azhar park @ 9 pm

And “El Tamye” @ Town House gallery @ 9:30 pm

And “black Theama” @ sakiat el sawy @ 9:30 pm. I don’t know if they are called “Black Theama” as written in the facebook walla “Black Tima” as it’s written on the sakiat website.

And Fouad Haddad songs @ Beit el Harawy

23/9 “Musica Antigua” @ Creativity center in Alexandrai @ 9 pm

And “Tony Kaldas & Maysa Orensa” @ Cairo Opera House “open theater” @ 9 pm

And Omar Khayrat @ Markaz el Khazaf. I don’t know the exact location of this place. But check this website for more info.

24/9 “Ibn Arabi” troupe @ El Ghouri palace @ 9 pm. There is a festival called “De l’Euphrate au Guadalquivir”.

25/9 “Ibn Arabi” troupe @ French Cultural Center in el Mounira @ 9:30 pm

And Magd el kassem @ Markaz el Khazaf

25/9 Yehia Khalil @ Wikalet El Ghouri

26/9 “Musica Antigua” @ Edward hall in AUC @ 9 pm

And “nessmet Saif / Summer Breeze” @ sakiat el sawy @ 10 pm. Ahmed Haddad, Hazem Shahin, Samia Jahin, Aya Hamida, Mai Haddad.

And El Ismaileya Troupe for folkloric music @ Prince Taz Palace

27/9 Nassir Shamma @ Creativity Center in Alexandria @ 9 pm.

And Yehia Khalil (Jazz) @ sakiat el sawy @ 9 pm

And Eskendrella @ Talaat Harb Library. Over and Over again,,, I love this band!

And Sayed Darwish night @ Prince Taz Palace

28/9 Lena Chamamyan @ El Geneina Theater “el Azhar Park” @ 9 pm. THIS IS BIG! I can’t wait for this concert!!! Her voice is amazing! and her songs choices are beautiful!!! YUPPY!!!

And Nassir Shamma @ Prince Taz palace @ 9 pm

And “sahara” @ sakiat el sawy @ 9:30 pm

And Fathy Salama @ Beit El harrawi (behind el azhar mosque) @ 9:30

And Karam Mourad @ Wikalet El Ghouri. I heard about Karam Mourad as one of the pioneers in the Nubian artists. I hope one day I can listen to his songs.

29/9 Wust EL Balad @ Cairo Opera House “open theater” @ 9 pm. I think this is my first time to hear about Wust El Balad performing in the Opera! Mmmm, I found this even on facebook, but after the website of the doesn’t mention it! Actually I found many events on facebook located in the opera while the website doesn’t mention it! weird!

And Sharhabeel @ Prince Taz Palace

30/9 El Nile troupe for folkoloric instruments @ Beit El Soheimi. Yesterday two of my friends were talking about this band. They highly recommended them.

And Wust El Balad @ Markaz el Khazaf


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