wenta malak ya gheless!

Many girls encounter the question “Oh you are not married? tayeb are you engaged? leih keda? when I was at ur age I was a mother to 2, ya haram homma el regala 3ala 3eneihom 3`emama? ,,,,,” and they go on and on. Elhamdlelah I rarely encounter such questions, but I remember an interview that tackled this subject in a very frustrating way. I tried to  answer politely and with a smile on my face, but with a determined way (`al ya3ny professional!). But the guy just didn’t stop! He kept on nagging.

Are you engaged? la`. Mafish mashrou3? la`. are you against the idea all together? Tab3an la` (HOW RIDICULOUS!) .  ett`ademelk 7ad ? yes but it didn’t work out. What was his profession? .…..  why didn’t work out? mafish nassib. La begad, why did you refuse him? we had different views about many things. Like what? mentality, interests, Priorities in life,,,. Ezay ya3ny? I like so and so, and he likes so and so, which makes it obviosuly that we don’t match when it comes to a long term commitment. Mmm, but what you are looking for in a man seems to be hard to find in these days? Not to that extent, but that’s life (with a smile)… Ya3ny, it’s hard to find a guy who’d ask u to make for him breakfast and you tell him no let’s go to do whatever you want to do! You are being too extreme in your predictions, I don’t think life goes by these extremes, el 7ayah ashal men keda bekteer!

Mesh 3ayza atawel, but this was in brief the part related to the personal questioning. I really don’t know whether he was truly asking for the sake of asking or was just trying to annoy me to check out my reactions…


5 responses to “wenta malak ya gheless!

  1. i guess trying to annoy you.. as sort of stress interview..
    though this type of personal questions are totally banned in certain countries.. 3ashan its very personal awi y3ni..and should not matter with work flow..

    bas looks like Egyptians always have a trend of their own..

  2. well.. i belive he’s curious 😀 but was he just asking for the sake of asking.. or was he checking if HE might have a chance with you 🙂

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