Business missions in Egypt

a weird post, but just out of pure curiosity 🙂

I didn’t have any special criterias to choose these companies, they are just names that I came across while walking in the streets.


Tarek Nour:

I didn’t know it is THAT diversified!

But I found this that may summarize what I was looking for:

We believe that unless we are speaking the people’s language, no amount of scientific or artistic excellence will communicate a real message to the real people, or ultimately achieve real results.  We believe in outstanding creative solutions across a range of interfaces grounded in sound brand and business analysis.  We believe that advertising methodologies and brand building experience adds value to our brands.  We believe to be successful today, you must touch base with reality, and the only reality that counts is what’s already in the client’s mind.


Vision: To be Egypt’s communication leader –enriching customers’lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities be more connected in a mobile world.

Everything is driven by four passions: passion for our customers, passion for our people, passion for results, passion for the world around us.


Mission: To be the leading mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service for our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders, and proudly contributing to the development of our community.

Vision: To be part of people’s daily lives by providing reliable and simple services that help people interact and commuicate better….

So far Etisalat didn’t put a defined vision or mission, but it talks about: Communicate. Collaborate. Reach.

We seek to create a future where your reach is not limited by time, matter or distance.To help the flow of thoughts and ideas. For the individual and the enterprise… To help you accelerate your growth. To help you reach your potential….. In simplicity, lies beauty. In care, lies concern. That’s our faith. Our relationships are based on trust and confidence….

Mesh 3arfa leih, I have a feeling that the Etisalat’s paragraph was written in a fast pace. I think it needs more structuring.

Orascom Telecom:

Vision: To become one of the world’s leading GSM operators providing the best quality services to our customers, value to our shareholders and a dynamic, challenging and fun environment for our employees.

Mission: Our mission is to satisfy all communication needs of the developing markets which we serve. It is our belief that there is viable economic model to serve emerging markets while availing affordable quality. We are racing to serve the largest possible number of customers, covering the most populous countries in the world. We believe that by positioning ourselves as the primary provider of communication services, we are shaping the future of the markets we serve.

Bahgat Group:

His vision was to create products of the highest quality at competitive prices within reach of the widest possible range of customers, thereby raising their quality of life.

I don’t know why but the website is very weak in comparison to the amount of business it deals with. I think they should pay more attention on this front.

Bisco Misr:

I can’t beleive that their website is still under construction!!!


Vision: “A market leader no matter where we are”
Isn’t it a bit shallow??

Talaat Mostafa Group:

To develop a variety of quality projects of enduring value to contribute to Egypt’s development and exceed our customers expectations.

I still don’t like the sound of a company with the full name of its owner, it reminds be “Abdel Ghafour El Boraei w awladoh”

It’s funny that by digging more in the webiste I found ANOTHER vision and mission, but it was on the flash version of the site!


Anyway,,, that’s a weird rant,,, just something that came up to my mind…


3 responses to “Business missions in Egypt

  1. Interesting! Bisco Misr is undertaking a make-over for product, packaging etc.. So I’m guessing they finally came around to the idea of needing a site. Give them some time 🙂

  2. even though it may seem weird, but when they changed the layout 180 degree, i kinda lost contact with their brand.
    I used to love two of their products: Biscuit Marie and the salted biscuits. Now I feel like I’m dealing with a new product, they changed the packaging, the logo, and the design.
    If we compare it to CocaCola masalan, we’ll find that they changed the layout throughout the years without changing the ‘feeling’ of the brand.

  3. I like the idea of Talaat Moustafa Group is Abdulghafor AL Borai , If you want to make a similarity for those you should name them El Haj Metwali Group for the multiple wife that the Chairman has , But I have to tell you that They are the most successful among all of the above eventhough We are comparing with OT .

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