Qui a le droit?

That’s a lovely song…

Qui a le droit – Patrick Bruel

On m’avait dit : “Te poses pas trop de questions.
Tu sais petit, c’est la vie qui t’ répond.
A quoi ça sert de vouloir tout savoir ?
Regarde en l’air et voit c’ que tu peux voir.”
Qui a le droit, qui a le droit,
Qui a le droit d’ faire ça
A un enfant qui croit vraiment
C’ que disent les grands ?

And here is the translation:

I had been told : Don’t ask yourself too many questions
You know, young boy, life will answer you
What’s the use of wanting to know everything ?
Look up and see what you can see

Who has the right, who has the right ?
Who has the right to do that ?
To a child who really believes
What grown-ups tell him

I always wondered about this issue. When I was young I used to have zillions of questions, and it seems like my parents were sometimes bored with this flow of questions, I remember them saying something like what the song says (what’s the use to know everything!). One day I expressed that I really want to climb mountains, to dive, to fly, to travel all around the world, I remember something like “why would you do that? go and check the National Geographic collection and you’ll save yourself the time!”. Well, elhamdlelah I still have this urge for asking questions, but it’s frustrating how some people view this as a big disadvantage or something! Some people view that asking too many questions is just useless and as long as there are ready-made answers, why would they look furtherly. Most probably these people faced the same situation of asking questions and being told not to tire themselves with so much exclamation mark. What a life! Can you imagine living without this sense of wondering? without this feeling of excitment? of life? Well, for me I just can not!


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