Keda Reda

If we went to see a movie these days, what will you have in mind?

Arabic: Morgan Ahmed Morgan, El Shabah and Keda Reda. The rest is pretty insignificant.

English: I’d go for The Bourne Ultimatum or Shrek 3.

El Mohem…. I didn’t like Morgan Ahmed Morgan and Taimour & Shafika at all. And I heard that El Belyatcho is not that good. Only el Shabah received few good words, and Keda Reda.

So it was decided that me and 2 girls went to the movie last Thursday right after work. We wanted to go to see it in Galaxy, it was complet! So we went to the Grand Hyatt, and found three chairs on the second row bel3afia!

Ahmed Helmy was maskhara. He did a great job in performing the three characters… The plot was to7fa… Khaled El Sawy was amazing!   (especially in the singing scene 🙂 )

Very recommended (w mesh ana bas elli ba`ool keda)


6 responses to “Keda Reda

  1. You know what. El Shabah and Bourne both have the same idea. Someone who suffers from amnesia and is running from some bad guys. But comparing them to each other is like comparing a Porsche to Fiat 128. Bourne Ultimatum rhythm is fast, and you never get bored, while in El Shabah they tried to have some “Malaki Eskendereya” suspense style in it, bas el fekra habla, wet7ara2et men nos el film.
    I didn’t like Taymour and Shafika that much, in fact I slept in it. But my sister liked it.
    I didn’t try to watch El Bilyatsho, in fact it some kind of Gamalism, where the son of a known actor has to be an actor bel 3afya.
    Finally, I am looking forward to seeing Keda Reda soon inshalla

  2. Tarek: well, you are right. I didn’t watch el shabah (and I am not looking forward for it awy), but this is the same story line. I didn’t even watch The Bourne Ultimatum, but I don’t think the arabic movie will match the fast pace of Robert Ludlum…
    Wana kaman I felt that Taimour & Shafika is extremely boring. The same acting by Ahmed EL Sakka and Mona Zaki,,,, KEFAYA! And the plot itself was not very appealing. I hope they’d choose carefully their coming movies.

    Lasto Adri: you didn’t miss much anyway 🙂 … but every now and then there are movies that give hope of a better furture of the Egyptian cinema and they are worth looking for, for the rest it’s enough to watch them with a cold lemonade (in the summer) or a hot cup of tea with milk (in the winter) 🙂

    Juka: it’s refreshing to laugh on some of the movie’s “effets” even in the next days! 🙂 Till now me and my friends remember “w yalla, insha allah amoot fi hawaki inshallah”

    MoonLightshadow: Morgan kan daye3! The only good thing about it was Ahmed Mekki, he is hilarious! Even though he appeared in few scenes, bas kan gamed moot!

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