in Cairo

If you are staying in Cairo during this weekend (just like me), then you might be interested to know what’s going on these days:

Monday 6/8 (tonight): there is a very interesting discussion on the rise and fall of the Arab civilization at el Kotob Khan, with guest speaker Kassem Abdo Kassem. Currently I’m readnig his book about the political and social history of Mamluks. It’s an AMAZING book! Very straight forward, with references to the sources of informations, he really made history seems to be alive!

Also tonight there is a concert for Omar Khairat in el Sakiat at 9 pm (but I’m not really in the mood). And for Alex people, Eskendrella are performing in ABD EL WAHAB THEATRE at 11 pm!

Wednesday 8/8: there is a presentation “How to develop ideas & do research for picture ideas” in the CICC by Ken Grant. The presentation will cover the basics of research and developing ideas for picture stories and the building of picture stories. I think this seems interesting.

Friday 10/8: SOS music festival! And now they are going to make it in el Sa7el! I can’t imagine how crowded it is going to be! It’ll be in Zahran City Park, and I don’t know why but I don’t like this place, I thoguht they would do it somewhere by the sea,,, 11/8: Music Matbakh Concert, 9 pm, @ British Council Garden (El Agouza): Under the banner of ‘Music Matbakh’ (Arabic for ‘kitchen’), the British Council has brought together a dozen of the most innovative young musicians from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and the UK. Audiences will be treated to a dynamic set of new tracks, encompassing hip hop, rock, jazz, funk and electronica and featuring oud, ney, beautiful vocals and sufi rhythms.

Sunday 12/8: Harp Concert for Arabic Music by Manal Mohei Eldin @ 9 pm, El-Qal3a Festival, Sareyat El-Gabal. I think this concert will be special for the beautiful atmosphere in the Citadel, and the melodious performance of Manal Mohie ElDin. She introduced the Harp into the Egyptian music community. It’s funny how this instrument is originally ancient egyptians, while it is not that famous nowadays in Egypt!!!

Monday 13/8: El Tamye at Rawabet at 7 pm. I can’t beleive myself that I wasn’t able to attend the 2 previous concerts of this groupe (even though one of the singers is actually one of my closest friends!). I relaly hope I’d be able to make it this time.

Tuesday 14/8: Fathy Salama at el Qal3a. I am not a big fan of Fathy Salama, I just don’ like the sound of Keyboard! I feel it is too much electronic! But I know that some people really like him, that’s why he should be mentioned.

Friday 17/8: Nagham Masry at El Qal3a (at 8:30). I heard about this group for a long time, I hope I’d have the time to check them out and let you know.

Sunday 19/8: Omar Khairat (tani!) but in the Cairo Opera House, it’ll be at 7:30. I don’t think I would ever go twice in one month to a Omar Khairat concert, kefaya awy once (or max twice) per year! I confess that I like some of his music: el Bakhil we ana, el Lo`a el tani, damir abla hekmat, zai el hawa,,,, etc, but sometimes I just feel bored from his repetitive sounds…


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  1. You know the Townhouse gallery in down town. They have a website with a map for their location (, but it is currently down.

    You know champolion street? There is a big old school, you take a left from there, and you’ll see lots of posters and flyers on events and concerts, so you won’t miss it 🙂

    Rawabet theater is just infront of it. It’s not really a theater, it is more of a garage that was recycled to host cultural events, but I like it.

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