Books on my wishlist: The Life of Pi

Few weeks ago, I received a mail from a friend of mine (S.A.B.):

“when we met I totally forgot to tell you about this novel I found. It’s called Life of Pi, abou this boy who wants to be muslim, a christian and a hindu at the same time. I haven’t finished it yet, but am guessing you may like it.”

And as I trust this girl’s judegment, then it is on my list (but it seems like it will be delayed shewaya till I finish some of the books waiting desperately on my comodino).

From Wikipedia: The main character, Piscine Patel (aka “Pi”) talks about his life living as the son of a zookeeper, and speaks at length about animal behaviour, while also speaking about his religion – Pi practices Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, having seen merits in all three religions. He says “I just want to love God.”….


3 responses to “Books on my wishlist: The Life of Pi

  1. I heard about it a lot, we begad reading it, we b3deen….zzzzzzzzz we ba3deen ba2a se7eet men el noum we lessa mamsektoush tani.

  2. MemZ!!!! Yaaaaah! Enta fein?? it has been a long time since I last heard from you. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    Ibn Batuta: thanks ya fandem,,, roo7 nam a7ssan !

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