July 2007 was not my favorite month. But still I discovered  stuff that affected my life in positive and negative parts. I realized many new concepts, and I am very grateful to each and every experience I have encountered.

There are thousands of stuff I wanted to blog about but I didn’t have the time to do it,,,, mmm actually I didn’t have the energy,,,,, la la,,, I didn’t have the will, because if there is a will there is always a way, and time is just an excuse to those who lack a strong will to do the stuff they intended to do.


We are not born with maps. We have to make them, and the making requires effort. The more effort we make to appreciate and perceive reality, the larger and more accurate our maps will be. But many do not want to make this effort. Their maps are small and sketchy, their views of the world narrow and misleading. – M. Scott Peck

I know that I mentioned this quote before, but I had to write it again just to remind myself of this idea.  I really need more energy to enlighten my path more, so I can truly define what I want to be proud of if one day I turn back and contemplate the years I lived on this earth…


Remember the movie “Snatch“? There was a memorable scene with Brad Pitt losing a boxing fight. He just had an awful punch that made him hit the grounds. He felt like diving in the water. He looks above him, and sees his oponent standing there, as if standing on the water. So he swims to the surface, back on his feet, punch the guy and wins the fight.

I really want to see this scene again. Hopefully I will find it on Youtube.


Harassment on the streets is really getting on my nerve. I can’t count the number of times I almost had a fight on the street due to some idiot’s remarks. I don’t know what the summer did to the people on the streets. I always maintained a deaf ear to these comments, but it really bothers me just like a buzzing mosquito in the middle of the night.

The only thing I do if I had to walk alone (especially by night) is to have the walk of a soldier. Looking straight ahead with that look on my face and -if it was by day- wearing sun glasses so they won’t look to me in the eyes. I hate this!


Few days ago I had a beautiful dream. I dreamt that I had a triplets! two boys and a girl! They were adorable! One of the boys was slightly bigger than the others, and it gave him the look of a protector!

I told my mother about that dream and she was overjoiced! 🙂 She saw it as a good omen that maybe the wind is bringing me good news.

The funny thing about that dream is that I woke up to the alarm, turned it off and continued sleeping and continued the dream as if I was watching a movie!

The subconscious sometimes just sends us memorable gifts!


After sending my story “27” to some of my friends,I received one of the sweetest replies from my dear friend Meto (http://tulipinthedesert.blogspot.com). He also sent me a great surprise, a story he wrote 2 years ago in the name of “The Key of Life” which was very similar to mine.

I couldn’t beleive it begad!
I truly loved it. It’s about a two days love story between an Egyptian girl and a guy from Portugal in the 1980’s; and it starts with her seeing him nowadays and remembers what happened 25 years ago! But in this one she is the one who got married and has children, and she didn’t have the courage to say hi, she just wanted to keep this far away memory as it is intact.

Here are two paragraphs I fell for:

It was late and I had to go, he went with me downstairs, we walked through the hotel and we talked but I was not the same person that entered that place two days before, nor was the place the same place. I was a new woman; I was in love with a man that I have only met two days before. A foreigner from a far away place, a man who did not belong to me but my heart and my whole life belonged to him. I tried to keep my sadness to myself, I tried to prevent my emotions from reaching the surface and I tried not to tell him that I loved him, that I want to be with him, that I would be so sad and lost without him, that I loved everything about him, that I loved him. But I could not, it was so powerful and I was so weak and vulnerable, I told him what I felt, I told him what I have been going through since I first saw him, how I became so strangely and powerfully attracted to him, how I suddenly realized that my whole life was revolving around him and how I would be so miserable without him.


Rodrigo, In my imagination I took him with me to all the places that I liked, I talked to him and told him a lot about my life, I sent him waves of passion that I was sure were powerful enough to go to Portugal but not powerful enough to enter his heart. I waited for the full moon every month to send him messages watching it for he told me that he likes to watch full moons.

Meto, begad you amaze me!


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