I never thought that I would meet you again. It has been a long time since we last saw each other, almost a lifetime. Each one of us was busy in his journey, that we didn’t notice the grey hair and the small wrinkles coming bit by bit. 

I heard that you have a son. How old is he? I bet no more than 19 years old, right? I hope he is as handsome as you. Did he follow your career? I know that he’d make a great engineer just like you! 

Oh my friend! 

Do you remember? 

It was 1980. We were two strangers who met randomly in a book store. I can’t remember who started the conversation. Was it you? Or was it me? Frankly I don’t remember. All I recall from that day is me staring at your blue eyes while sipping a cup of hot chocolate few hours later. 

Do you remember the days we spent together from dawn till dusk? Do you remember the long walks we had together? And what about the photos you took of me while I wasn’t aware? Did you keep them somewhere? 

Do you remember when we were stuck in the elevator for two hours?I was very scared… You hugged me tightly and comforted me with your sweet talk… At that moment I was not scared anymore… And when you stopped talking I wasn’t able to tell whether you were tired or whether you had the same thoughts that were running in my mind… 

Were we just friends? 

Sometimes I regretted my silence, other times I accused yours. anyway, this won’t make a difference now. I know that when a moment goes, it won’t return again. 

And now in 2007, we meet again, and in the most unexpected ways. 

I know from the look in your eyes that something is not right. You talk to me about your family, your career and your dog. You show me pictures of the three of you smiling in one of your yearly vacations in exotic places.But I can see it.

You are not happy, and you jeep asking yourself “what if,,,”. And I would be lying to you if I denied that I ask myself the same question. But I know for sure that God sent me here tonight for something else, I am here to bring you back home one and for all. 

Tonight we’ll have dinner together, we’ll dance on the tunes of our favorite song, and we’ll hold each other close for the last time.Tonight we’ll talk like we never did before. You’ll tell me your darkest secrets and I will tell you mine.And together we will celebrate the anniversary of a love that was never meant to be. 




4 responses to “27

  1. hey
    wt a gr story
    3arfa enha 7asalet leya bezabt
    bas maknsh 3ando walad
    o ba3d ma et2abelna
    he is gone
    ana mestneya sodfa talta tegma3na
    o really miss him
    esma3y kifak inta …fyroz
    lazem 3enek hatdma3

  2. Thanks Juka 🙂 you are the sweetest ever!

    Rana: I hope it will turn all right with u.
    Frankly, I was exposed to many things that made me eventually write this story. And the song “kifak enta” was one of these ‘inspirations’. Also I can’t forget to mention “The bridges of madison county”, it is a beautiful movie. Plus some real stories i heard from my friends.
    that’s all the story is all about at the end 🙂

  3. This is really inspirational. i really liked it, it felt so real. And although it feels a bit sad that there love was never meant to be , she still decides that she won’t let this chance go.
    Great story, why don’t you write more of this?!
    keep it up 😀

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