Destiny – Gloria Estefan years ago I got hold of this album. I kept it aside for a long time, but then I listened to it and I read its lyrics, and since then this album became my all time favorite! It is simply beautiful. It was my first time to hear about Gloria Estefan, and I truly felt that this woman is really special. Her choice of words and music is simply amazing.





Destiny Has once again surprised me. Destiny Must want you here beside me, Quietly, Like the sunrise with its splendor, Unexpectedly, With a passion strong yet tender, You draw me in, Like the moon draws the tide, Swept away by this love, Taken in by your eyes….This is of course the first song in the album. The music is very special.

I don’t mean to be the fire that’s igniting your temptations. Don’t intend to the the sword that runs you through with adoration… Only want to be the wind that lifts you high above the ground. Living only to unlease the sacred powers that we’ve found. Only want to beathe your essence, be your comfort, fill with laughter. Every moment that we live from this day on, forever after.

In my opinion, this is the MOST ROMANTIC SONG ever sang by a woman…

It’s the heart that never seems to learn. Thinking that it’s finally my turn. Like a fool believing every word. You tell me that it’s over but that’s not what I heard. ‘Cause my heart just never seems to learn. Many times I’ve wished that love had never found me. After knowing all the pain it brings. Always hoping to feel you arms around me. Without fear of losing everything.

I think that every girl have passed through that same story…

I thought that I knew all there was to know. I knew all about love. I lived the highs and made it through the lows. But now I must admit I’m surprised. And feel I’ve only scratched the surface. ‘Cause baby when I look in your eyes, I understand my one true purpose. You were sent to me. By angels up above, I’m certain. I thought I’d show you what love can be, But what did I know. Until along came you, To teach me about love…

This is a beautiful song only mothers would understand.

Baby it’s nothing that you’ve said. But I know it’s not just in my head, You’re changing baby, and you don’t think I see. I feel you drifting away, a little bit further every day. Don’t tell me baby, don’t tell me it’s just me. I see it in the look that’s on your face. Something’s not the same inside, You can’t keep it from me, no matter how you try. ‘Cause I know you too well,

Another situational song (if I can call it that way). I think Carol Samaha sang something like that.

Some dreams live on in time forever, Those dreams, you want with all your heart. And I’ll do whatever it takes. Follow through with the promise I made. Put it all on the line. What I hoped for at last would be mine. If I could reach, higher. Just for one moment touch the sky. From that one moment in my life. I’m gonna be stronger, Know that I’ve tried my very best, I’d put my spirit to the test…

Ohh I love this song. it was the official song in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Very inspiring.


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