Yesterday I attended a Zar.

I can’t say it was a real zar. It was more of a musical performance with the touch of Zar for a group called Mazaher. When I mention the word Zar to my friends, they think that I went to a REAL one, like the things we see in movies. But it wasn’t like that at all.

I don’t know how to describe exactly the evening. The place is called Makan, it is located in Saad Zaghloul street. It was my first time to see Saad Zaghloul Mausoleum. It is impressive! (I wonder whether it is open for the public or not)

Mazaher has two weekly performances (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

First of all we enter into a small room, there is a second floor for the people who would like an overview of the place. Some people are sitting on coushons, others on chairs. There were lots of foreigners, and there were also some people who seemed to be well acquited with the band.

Most of the songs are praising prophet Mohamed (PBUH), others talking about love, but there are also songs you’d have a hard time deciphering its meanings as they talk Arabic sometimes with Sa3idi accent, and at other times with Nubian accent.

You have to see the faces of the people performing. You can tell stories out of their gaze. You can see ther ups and downs, their happiness and pain only through their look and the way they play their instruments.

Madiha (the lead singer) is a very remarkable woman. When she smiles, her faces radiates. And the way she dances is really unique. But the look on her face sometimes gets so gloomy, that along with the powerful drumming I was really scared sometimes.



2 responses to “Zar

  1. That’s very interesting, I must visit when I go to Egypt!

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