July: أين تذهب هذا المساء?

So we are starting a new month with lots of new events, let’s see what we got here…

1/7/07: Eskendrella @ Sakiat El Sawy. Oh I love this band! I can’t wait for Sheikh Emam and Sayed Darwish songs!


1/7/07 Cairokee @ Sakiat El Sawy (bardo). Frankly I didn’t hear them before, but I like there name !

3/7/07 Eftekasat @ Sakiat El Sawy. I didn’t attend any of their concerts, but I heard lots of talking about them. Hopefully I will have time to check this out.

3/7/07 Disney On Ice @ Cairo Staidum. Let’s get back to that fairy tale memories of our childhood 🙂

6/7/07 Dozan music festival @ El Geneina. I don’t know much about it except that it will feature some Turkish musicians,,, seems pretty interesting!


7/7/07 Manal Mohei Eldin’s Harp recital @ Cairo Opera House, Open Theater. I really love her music sooooooo much. I really like it that she brought our pharaonic heritage in a modern way. Sooooo nice!

9/7/07 Gozor @ Kotob Khan. It’s a short film (fiction) written and directed by Mohamed Salah. I didn’t hear about this movie before, but I liked its idea of discussing loneliness and the relationship between people. Thanks to KK for bringing to us hard-to-find movies !

12/7/07 George Kazazian @ Sakiat El Sawy. Many people like his music so much, but I don’t know why I feel bored sometimes. He is a great musician, but there is something missing,,,


13/7/07 Mohamed Mounir’s concert @ Cairo Opera House.

18/7/07 Kamilya Jubran @ El Geneina Theater. She is a palestinian singer, check out samples of her music on her website…

18/7/07 The Strangers @ Kotob Khan. It’s a documentary movie talking about 3 women from Kosovo during the war in 90‘s….

و لسه


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