Cairo’s Fête de la musique 21-6-2007 was a memorable day. After work I went to Sakiat el Sawy to attend the opening of a friend’s exhibition (it was beautiful!). Had to run back home to change clothes. My initial plan was to pass by El Orman garden to check out the concert, but it would have been a suicide. I was barely able to go home and then head to the Citadel for Souad Massi’s.

Aslan I live close by el Orman Garden, so the day before I woke up at 3 am to the sound of the testing of the sound engineer ! I can’t say that I was very annoyed, but it was really weird.

Anyway, so I went to the Citadel. IT WAS CROWDED !!! I can’t beleive it that I parked the car that far from the place. I was very late and almost had to run, only to find a huge crowd standing by the gate, I thought that there was a demonstration or something, but it was just the crowd wanting to get inside.

I heard from a guy leaving the place that the security refused new entrance !! Elhamdlelah I managed to squeeze inside, and was able to take few pictures as well.

Tab3an her songs were amazing. But I confess that I didn’t enjoy them as much as I wanted to. Many of my friends didn’t want to come, also I was more concerned with taking pictures, and every now and then I would leave my camera and feel the music.

Later on there was a Sa3idi band. They were amazing. At exactly 11 pm they started singing, only to find that Souad continued singing (bena`an 3ala raghbat el gamahir)… Okay, I admit that I was more interested in listening to her songs, but they were already starting !! VERY bad organization!!

Back to that band. They were amazing! The songs, the dance, the costumes,,,, were beautiful!

Bottom line: I expected more from this day, but despite all the troubles, it was a good day filled with music. 🙂


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