Quotes from “Letters to a Young Poet”

I still didn’t read the book yet, I just found some interesting phrases in Wikiquote… Enjoy! 

“Young people -it is obvious -cannot achieve such a relationship, but they can, if they understand their life properly, grow up slowly to such happiness and prepare themselves for it. They must not forget, when they love, that they are beginners, bunglers of life, apprentices in love- must learn love, and that like all learning wants peace, patience, and composure.”

“Someday there will be girls and women whose name will no longer mean the mere opposite of the male, but something in itself, something that makes one think not of any complement and limit, but only life and reality: the female human being.”

Oh….. and by the way, yesterday I turned 24 🙂


7 responses to “Quotes from “Letters to a Young Poet”

  1. A total stranger by accecident found your natuarally amazing words.
    And…. just wanted to tell you happy birthday.
    Hope I’ve not bothered you. 🙂

  2. Yareet Balaash kelmet “Ta3alo Zorona” di betgebly 7asaseya 🙂
    If u know what I mean……….do u remember the mail ??!!! :))))

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