My Hennah


Yesterday we were celebrating a hennah night (with the theme: the cow girls of Mohamed Aly!), and I went for a small drawing on my right hand (above), I love it!   🙂


7 responses to “My Hennah

  1. Ibn Batuta: Thanks 🙂

    jessyz: thank you!

    hani: 🙂 well it has a funny feeling 🙂 it has been a long time since i last had something like that. Many keep commenting on it, so it becomes a nice subject for discussion 🙂 . Anyway it is strting to fade out, but I think it will be with me for another 2 weeks or something !

    Juka: well,, the girl is my cousin., i don’t think u’ve met her before…

    Randa: thanks 🙂

  2. it was designed well, you feel, when you got a look upon, that the eastern culture hath something pretty suggestive to shew, mainly that high feeling of making things, /naturally/….

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