June in Cairo

oh my! There are so many things happening in Cairo these days. Just to give you a recap, here are the most important things:

Yesterday there was a book signing in Diwan, it was the Novel “Noun” by Sahar El Mogy. It was nice. Sahar seems to be a very sweet person…Tab3an OTV was there to record it.

On the 11th there is a concert featuring Eskenderella, Fairuz Karawya, The Trip Band, it will be in Rawabet Theater at 7 pm.

On the 13th there is a concert in el Saqiat by Waguih Aziz. I have recently heard about him, and I just LOVED his songs!

On the 14th and 15th: The Cairo Opera House will introduce us to the amazing “One thousand and one nights”. AND there will be tribute to Sheikh Imam in the Journalist Syndicate in Down Town by a group called el Tamii الطمي , it will start at 8 pm.

https://i0.wp.com/www.kotobkhan.com/images/books/auto.jpgOn the 18th there is a book signing in El Kotob Khan: Dr. Galal Amin will sign his autobiography “What did life teach me?”. There is also Flamenca in el Sakiat.

On the 19th there is  a lecture in Serafis about NLP. “Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): science or hoax?”. I have always wondered about it, some say it’s amazing, others say it’s just de7k 3al de`oun… mmm…

On the 21st: DOUBLE event. From 7:30 a concert in El Orman garden (Wust el Balad, Eftekasat, Sahara, Black Theama, The Riff Band and Screwdriver). And Suns Shine, El Dor El Awwal and Souad Massi in el Qal3a.

On the 23rd: Kotob Khan will host a Galal El Din Rumi night, as 2007 is dedicated to the celebration of him. There will also be a concert by Rasha in el geneina theater el azhar park, seems like she mixes sudanese and spanish tunes. Sounds interesting.

On the 24th: Omar Khairat in el sakia. Generally I attend Omar Khairat’s concerts in the opera, but I also love the River hall in general, so I may try this one.

On the 25th, the Jesuit will show “Bosta” !!! yuppy !!! I was sad that the movie was removed from the cinema before being able to see it. Now I have a second chance…

On the 27th: a book discussion of Noun in el Kotob Khan. Also on the 27th there is an interesting concert in el sakia, it’s a recital violin and piano by Hassan Sharara and Emad Hamdy. I was never so keen on recitals, but I attended their performance few months ago and they were BRILLIANT. Great Great music!

On the 29th, another concert by Eskendrella in el geneina theater el azhar park. I just love this band sooooo much! They sing the songs of Sayed Darwish, Ziad Rahbani and Sheikh Imam. Amazing!

This is it for now… Hasta la vista!


4 responses to “June in Cairo

  1. I just had to tell you everytime i come here i chech this post… it reminds me how this month is so very booked and how much i have to attent many of these events but it just happens to be the most busy month ever with graduation and all … i just hope it would pass peacefully and i would be able to attend what i can’t miss 😀 zy souad massi and the orman concert mesh 3arfa ezay el etnein f “nafs zat el wa2t” bs rabena yesahel 😀

  2. OM: 🙂 enti tenawari 🙂 Of course there are tons of stuff to do around here 😉 just come !

    Juka: I hope you finished your exams and you ARE BACK TO NORMAL LIFE 🙂 let’s meet sometimes 🙂

    Randa: rabena yesahel 🙂 good luck in your graduation, don’t worry, I think that July will be as busy 🙂

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