A dreams about B.

B thinks about C.

C adores D

D is not sure about E.

E likes F.

F can’t wait to see G.

G prefers hanging out with H.

….  How will this chain ends??


5 responses to “ABCDEF

  1. Nesrina: 🙂 3ala ra`yek 🙂

    Khloud: tayeb tell me what can be the solution? if you were X, and W proposed to u but you want to talk first to Y (assuming that Y wasn’t married yet 🙂 ) . What would you choose? Accept W as he is available and wanting you, or talk to Y even if there is a chance that he may not be available??

  2. lol Nousha,

    I know I’ll marry that whom I’m distant to marry 😛

    + If Y was waiting for someone else to propose for him to make up his mind, hell with him 😛 I’ll go for W if he was up to my standards.

    and if W was not up to “the” standards, the rest of the male ABCs are still out there, it’s just a matter of time and naseeb 😀

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