Weekend report

what’s up Cairo? All of a sudden everyone is celebrating something ! Anniversaries, weddings, katb ketab,,,,    it’s fun, but it’s so hard (and tiring) to keep up with all of this.


Last Thursday me and some friends decided to go to Wust El balad concert in el sakiat. It was CROWDED! Seems like I won’t feel like seeing them again in the next couple of months….. They anounced that they are recording a CD,,, akhiran ! But I wonder who is going to buy it because their songs are available everywhere…. ma3aleina.

Seems like the “Fete de la musique” on the 21st of June is attracting more attention. El Sakiat will organize a big concert with 6 bands in EL ORMAN garden!! yes, the good old garden where they used to shoot old movies and where university students wonder around holding hands 🙂 It’ll start at 7 pm. I hope that I can go there and then heading to Souad Massi’s concert in el qal3a.

And one last thing, here are a couple of photos I took recently. The first one was in wust el balad concert and the second was in the house of Zeinab Khatoun behind el Azhar. I look at these pictures and I can not help but notice the difference between how I take photos now and how I used to before. Few years ago I got used to take photos of things as they are, I just tried to find the right angle. Now I try to take the light as the main point in my photos, and I tend to experiment more. Before, I was afraid to try drastic changes in the photos, beleiving that it would ruin it,; now I play around mainly with the contrast to get different results, they may not be realistic at all but this is how I like them. However in the photo the concert I didn’t try any editing in the photo, I tried to play with the light when I was taking the picture itself (slow shutter while zooming in and/or out). Aho, koloh tagarob…



I wonder whether this means that my personality changed along with my way of taking photos! Or maybe I was just able to experiment more as I have a digital camera instead of my good old Minolta SLR…. in other words: Maybe because my perception of how things should be changed. Maybe I had the opportunity to express myself better. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Maybe Maybe Maybe.


8 responses to “Weekend report

  1. Heyyyyyy. I LOVE the photos btw. Wanted to go to the concert but was stuck at the office. Perhaps next time. Would love to see you soon. Take care dear.

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  3. Concerts, music, fun ………. and Souad Massi, and I am missing alot 😦
    nousha, 2 excellent photos, great job.
    try to retouch the 4 dots on the second photo, they are really annoying 🙂
    and I can’t wait to see the photos that you will take in Souad Massi concert.

  4. Juka, Thanks 🙂 I hope to see you in the coming concert insha allah

    Nesrina, yalla let’s see u there!

    Hani, maalesh, el ayam lessa gaia keteer. Thanks for the advice, i wanted to retouch these dots (they were birds), but I was just too lazy 🙂

  5. yeah i just heard about the orman garden concert i hope i can make it and i hope it will be good 😀 i hope they wud do similar concerts in the many beautiful gardens we have which just were transformed to the picture you exactly illustrating, of ppl holding hands .. etc. 😀
    I realllllllllly want to go to souad’s concert i just hope i could 😀

    I liked those photos by the way they are beautiful and i like how you played with the lighting. i don’t know if they way you take a photo says much about a person’s personality.. never looked at it that way:D
    may be i’ll try and see if it’s true 😀

  6. Maxxed,, thanks 🙂

    Randa: let’s pray that this would a custom, and not a one time only like the couple of concerts in the garden of el baron palace. Also, you should try to see what the photographer wants to say through his pictures, every piece of art is definitely a small key to the personality 🙂

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