Omar Samra is Back !!!

I am soooooooooo happy….. Omar Samra  is here in Cairo after climbing mount Everest.  It’s not just because of climbing Everest in itself that I am happy, it is the feeling that he was a person (an Egyptian) who was capable of reaching his dreams. And isn’t this a great reason to celebrate? 😉

This reminds me of my great interest in Ahmed Hassanein Pasha, and  his daring journey in the western desert that he depicted in his book “The Lost Oases”. Likewise, he went to a journey that was extremely difficult, driven by the desire of reaching the unknown.

I am excited with the idea of listening to this inner voice that drives us to reach beyond the closed doors.

These examples give me hope about being able to listen carefully to this call, because life sometimes takes us away from the important things in order to fit in.

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I will finish my post by a  Poem by AHmed Shawky dedicated to Ahmed Hassanein Pasha, it was published in 1923!

قل للشباب بمصر عصركم بطل
بكل غاية إقدام له ولع

أس الممالك فيه همة و حجى
لا الترهات لها أس و لا الخدع

يعطى الشعوب على مقدار ما نبغوا
و ليس يبخسهم شيئا اذا برعوا

البر ليس لكم في طوله لجم
و البحر ليس لكم في عرضه شرع

هل تنهضون عساكم تلحقون به
فليس يلحق أهل السير مضطجع


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