Finney Story 

In Dokki there is a famous square called Finney, I always thought it was Veini, but my grandma corrected my pronounciation… And now called el sad el 3ali (but don’t try this one with taxi drivers 🙂 ). With some googling I  discovered that it is named after Mr. Oswald Finney Oswald J. Finney (1880-1942). Seems that it’s story is quite interesting,

The Finneys were among the leading British families of Alexandria. A major figure in the cotton trade its patriarch Oswald Finney was well known not only because some of the world’s finest tapestries festooned the walls of his five-floor hotel particulier on Rolo Street, but also for being the town’s top publisher and reportedly one of its wealthiest men. Likewise, he sat on the board of several giant cotton trading companies in both Alexandria and Lancashire (UK). More importantly Finney was the sometime president of the Alexandria Commercial Company, the Alexandria Insurance Company, the Filature Nationale d’Egypte and the Minet al-Bassal Stock Exchange.

But as far as the nation’s capital is concerned we learn that Oswald Finney was also president of the Société Anonyme Immobiliere des Terrains de Giza & Rodah. That is to say he headed the real estate development company that in the 1920s and ’30s surveyed and ultimately laid out the master plan for what became the suburban garden districts of Rodah Island, the southern part of Agouza, and all of Dokki.


The website ( is a real treasure. I checked out the part on Maadi,,,, AMAZING!


2 responses to “Finney Story

  1. Interesting .. I cannot say that I knew this before this post.. however, as a dokki resident, I feel most Ignorant right now .. with a smile on my face!

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