Eleven Minutes

So I have been hearing alot about Paulo Coelho’s “Eleven Minutes”. Some said it’s brilliant, others said it is more of the guys’ new pick up line to impress girls of their culture and their sensitive side to understand women, I was also curious about it after reading Juka’s mention about it especially that she’s not a big fan of Coelho. Besides, my father brought me a collection of Paulo Coelho’s books from a second hand store and it was really cheap, so I had no excuse.

I have just finished it. It is fast paced, which is a nice contrast to “El Zahir” where I was almost dying of boredom…

Anyway, I really liked it. It discussed many things very openly, but frankly it wasn’t really offending,,,, it also presented some sides to men-women relationships, many of them can be witnessed regardless of the place or the time.

Here are some parts I really liked:

,,,,,,, (Maria) was born both innocent and a virgin, and, as an adolescent, she dreamed of meeting the man of her life (rich, handsome, intelligent), of getting married (in a wedding dress), having two children (who would grow up to be famous) and living in a lovely house (with a sea view). p.1

mmmm doesn’t this ring a bell?? 🙂

https://i0.wp.com/www.harperacademic.com/coverimages/large/0060589272.jpgDespite her apparent freedom, her life consisted of endless hours spent waiting for a miracle, for true love, for an adventure with the same romantic ending she has seen in films and read about in books. p. 57

 I’ve met a man and fallen in love with him. I allowed myself to fall in love for one simple reason: I’m not expecting anything to come of it. I know that, in three months’ time, I’ll be far away and he’ll be just  a memory, but I couldn’t stand living without love any longer; I reached my limit. p. 150

I am two women: one wants to have all the joy, passion, and adventure that life can give me. The other wants to be slave to routine, to family life, to the things that can be planned and achieved….. The meeting of these two women is a game with serious risks. A divine dance. When we meet, we are two divine energies, two universes colliding. If the meeting is not carried out with due reverence, one universe destrpys the other. p. 163

…. They turned their thoughts to other things: children, cooking, timetables, housework, bills to pay, their husand’s affairs -which they tolerated-, holidays abroad during which they were more concerned with their children than with themselves, their complicity, or even love, but no sex.…. p. 262

I love this man sitting before me now, because I do not possess him and he does not possess me. We are free in our mutual surrender; I need to repeat this dozens, hundreds, millions of time, until I finally beleive my own words. p. 225

🙂 haha 🙂 I can totally imagine this last one 🙂

Bottom line, it is an interesting book, shedding light on some undiscussed issues, but definitely I need a rest after this Paulo-Coelho-over-dose.


4 responses to “Eleven Minutes

  1. i hear a lot about the alchemist… but havent came to read it till now. I like the style in those quotes.. maybe I should not be procrastinating any more 😐

  2. I read it a while back and enjoyed the book too, compared to the Zahir it was a much more enjoyable read. Coelho is an interesting author, his latest The Witch of Portobello was enjoyable as well, and even though The Alchemist still is my favorite, he has other really good books like By The River Pedra I sat Down and Wept and Veronica decides to die. A good book in my view should be one that takes you into a different world and leaves you with a feeling that you will really miss the protagonists and different characters once you finish reading.

  3. I’ve read several Coelho books and i’m on to Like the Flowing River now, a short story collection.

    I’m uncertain about how influential his writing is on a personal level (one tends to read and forget), but I certainly do think he’s a wonderfully poetic writer that provides an escape into another world.

  4. tas: you should try it, it’s one of the books you either hate it or love it, there is no middle ground 🙂

    Jessyz: Thanks for passing by, I will check out The Witch Of portobellow soon, but I should spend some time before reading another Coelho’s

    naturalheal: well, it’s true that he has a unique writing style, actually some of his thoughts made me stop readnig and think about it for a while,,, but u are right, most probably I would forget his words after finishing the book !

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