3adda el nahar

عدي النهار

و المغربيه جايه

تتخفى ورا ظي القمر

و عشان نتوه في السما

شالت من ليالينا القمر

و بلدنا عالترعه بتغسل شعرها

جانا نهار مقدرش بدفع مهرها

يا هل ترى الليل الحزين

ابو القلوب المجروحين

ابو الغناوي الدبلانين

يقدر ينسيها القمر

أبو ضحكه بترد النهار

a beautiful song by Abdel Halim, it was writen by Abdel Rahman El Abnoudi. I have just heard from Pianolla that Wust El Balad sings it with a new remix…. Hopefully I will find it and see whether it’s good walla ai kalam.

So yesterday I went to see Mowaten Saleh men el Maadi. Can’t say I fell for this one. It’s about a man who reached a very low point in his life and wanted to change. That’s it. Frankly I expected something more than that.

https://i1.wp.com/www.kotobkhan.com/images/books/noon.jpgWhile I was in Kotob Khan, I got a new story. It’s called ن …. That’s a really nice name for a novel talking about women 🙂 The illustration on the cover is very ,,,,,,,,, catchy. I will check it out soon insha allah, meanwhile here is an interview with the writer (Sahar El Mogy) in al-araby.

One last thing about Souad Massi’s concert on 21st of June. Seems that it’s organized by the French Cultural Center for its annual festival “Fete De La Musique”, it will be for FREE in Cairo (Ma7ka el Qal3a)….. I love the CFCC 🙂



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