Good Man From Maadi

Tonight el Kotob Khan will screen a short documentary based on a true story “Good Man From Maadi / Mowaten saleh min Al-Maadi”. It is about a young man trying to find his path in life and eager to gain his life and self through a second chance. Script Writer: Yasser Abdel Latif. Directed by Nader Hilal

I tried to google the movie, but no results. And frankly this is my first time to hear about Yasser Abdel Latif, but I heard good opinions about his book “qanon el weratha”. Hopefully this will be a good one…


4 responses to “Good Man From Maadi

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  2. Dear Nousha,

    I would appreciate if you explain a bit saying ” I expected something but what I got was something else?” This is why I would say we have the film makers and the man himself who told his story… with such kind of interaction exploring what we expect and what we have got I believe we might reach a better understanding both ways…this is the entire purpose of meeting authors or film makers…

    I was afraid of something that some people could be offeneded with the langauge at the beginning of the film though still part of culture.
    Anyway, Next times please let your voice get heard loudly. 🙂

    You have a lovely blog and I like to read your posts and see your photos.


  3. Thanks Karam for ur comment… this is actually your first ! and I am so happy that u visit my blog 🙂

    About the movie, I didn’t expect something else, I just expected something more, or at least deeper. The movie is not bad in itself, it’s just about a man who used to take drugs and now decided to move on. A whole 20 minutes that can be reduced to one sentence! I was afraid from embarrassing the director or the guy himself by my judgement. At the end I’m just a viewer of a documentary movie, but he lived this life.

    🙂 Besides Maadi was taken as just a background in taking the shots, it made no difference whether it was in el manial, el mohandessin,,,, 🙂 ya3ny that kind of stuff.

  4. I wouldl have very strongly encouraged you to express yourself…. with that sharp point of view… would have taken us other dirctions and explore more….

    Learning to watch movies is really something I must do some lectures on. Well…. I believe I would like to have off-line discussion with you and also to read a novel written about that generation… the 90th …. maybe you would get some points clear.

    Again, I love your blog and how energetic you are….get posts duly….

    Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you for the book discussion as it would be a hot one due to whats going on in Sinai at the moment.

    Take care,

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