Post silence phase

I have been silent for a while… here on the blog and in life…. I don’t know why but I really can’t talk… my friends and family find this very irritating, every time I should talk about something, I give a briefing and that’s it…. maybe I was tired,,,, maybe that’s because of the swollen lymph gland in my neck that was scaring me at the beginning…. I don’t know….. ma 3aleina 🙂 el mohem I’m back…. and I hope I will be re-energized soon 🙂

So what’s up?

There is a new bill board screening ads, video clips,,, and yesterday they were screening the ahly and zamalek football match!! it’s location is very weird ,,, it’s infront of Nahdet Masr Statue! Why would anyone put this screen in that busy square?? I can’t imagine the audience who would park their cars and watch a football game on it!! it’s very noisy, annoying and useless ! Ya rab yeshelouha!

Souad Massi is coming to Egypt ! It will be on 21st of June in the Citadel!! I can’t wait to go 🙂 especially because I love the concerts in ma7ka el qal3a 🙂 cool breeze, nice panoramic view of Cairo, the citadel by night…. very romantic!

One last word from Salah Jahin….

يأسك و صبرك بين إيديك و انت حر

تيأس ما تيأس الحياه راح تــــــــمر

أنا دقت مندا ومندا عجبي لقيــــــت

الصبر مر و برضك اليـأس مـــــــر

 عجبي !!


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