Homos Homos Homos

 حمص حمص
تل ما ينقص
ع النار يرقص
يرقص يرقص.
اللى شاف حمص ولا كلش
حب واتلوع ولا طالش
فتاة: يسترك هات حبة بقرش


See. Listen. Read.

Only Salah Jahin  can compare homos to love!


9 responses to “Homos Homos Homos

  1. So glad ya Nousha that u r back, I love ur blog 🙂
    As for the lyrics, I always thought it says.. “7omos 7omos 2abl ma yor2os 3amal yor2os” , seems I have ear problems 😀

  2. nesrina ,,,, where are u?? it has been more than 2 weeks since I read something for you !!! howa dah el bayat el saifi??! 🙂

  3. OMG I love elleilla elkebeera.. love love.. enty mesh fahma, I knew the whole thing by heart by the time I was 3, people used to look for different recorded versions of it for my b-day and stuff. Have it on DVD now 🙂

  4. after reading this post i am sure my dinner tonight will be Homos Homos 🙂
    it’s nice to see you posting again, welcome back.

  5. Juka: me toooooooo !!!! i love it so much !!! i keep wondering do nowadays kids know about it?? they would have missed a big deal if they didn’t….

    Hani: bon appetit 🙂

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