Les Tambours Du Bronx


Remember “Les Tambours Du Bronx“? it was nice, the concert was filled with foreigners, mainly french tab3an, I don’t know why, anyway it didn’t feel like being in Cairo 🙂 They were banging with wood en sticks on baramil! It -surprisingly- was fun!

les tambours du bronx

On another sad note, seems like fire incidents are increasing these days!! el mogama3 of el ahram in New Maadi (at the end of el nassr street) was burned to the ground, it was just a miacle that the fire wasn’t extended to the nearby houses! ya rab ostor! I don’t know exactly the reason behind the fire, but some friends who live in the same street (close to peking) told me they heard explosions as if they were in a war or something !!!


7 responses to “Les Tambours Du Bronx

  1. Thanks Bikya for the comment, no i don’t use filters, not yet. these pictures were taken without a tripod, i really wished to have one there, akiid the pictures would have been different.#thanks again

  2. hmmm, so let’s see the next time .. but still i like them the way they are, these are a brilliant shots 🙂
    btw do i have the permission to save the second picture and use it as my desktop background 🙂

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