SOS, Kotob Khan and Other I had a nice few days off blogging. Friday I went to the SOS music festival. Gamed gedan ! Though I went very late, I enjoyed the music of the Iraqi singer Ilahm Al Madfai. He is amazing. I especially liked it when he sang El Bent El Shalabeya and El Helwa Di 🙂 This was my first time to attend the SOS concerts, hopefully I will attend the next one with all my friends and will go there little bit early (going there at 9:30 pm and leave at 11:30 didn’t give me the taste of it 🙂 )

Yesterday was the first anniversary of el Kotob Khan. I can’t beleive that a year has passed since this place was opened! It really made a difference for me. I really love this place, very cozy, down to earth and filled with great memories (and great books tab3an 🙂 ). I went there at the last minute, I was barely able to congratulate Karam, she told me about the writers who came and celebrated with her the anniversary. There was also a 10% discount on all books and she had all the cafe’s orders for free! Karam has lots of surprises 🙂 Thanks Karam again and again.

As I have been away for a while, allow me to add few thoughts as well 🙂

Talking about love.
I don’t want to sound too cliches, but sometimes I think that love is only an illusion, that only very lucky people marry for love and are able to keep its charm going for many years. But every now and then I get to see love nourishing the lives of some cute couples, this really gives me the impression that el donia lessa bekheir, however after many deceptions and disappointments I return to some black thoughts that some people are able to continue their life without love, that there are alternative ways to live life happily, building a career, raising kids, seeing the world, or just 3eshra between the husband and wife even if it was without deep emotions…. I don’t know. Maybe Love is just an illusion, maybe it is not. Maybe it was meant for me, maybe not,, only the days will reveal the answers.

Talking about motherhood.
Being a mother is one of the blessing that can not be compared to anything else. Many women get married just to have kids and have a life just to raise them, and this is the ultimate joy they can dream about. Others beleive that being a mother can be an obstacle to their careers. Some mothers say that they will raise their kids while avoiding the errors that their own parents made, some succeed and refrain from repeating their parents’ teaching only to fall into another series of errors, others fail in avoiding this and repeat all what their parents used to tell them. Some mothers dedicated all their lives just for their kids, paying no attention to the husband, to themselves, to their careers,,, other moms take care of their social life, their look, their marital life and keep an eye on the maid who raises the kids. Some refrain from social activities because there is no one to take care of the child, others take the child with them, and others leave them at the grandparents’… There are hundreds of scenarios in my mind about being a mom. Which one will I be if one day I get to have my own kids? Will I be the cool mom who take her kids to concerts? Will I be the strict mom who forbids her daughter from talking to boys? Will I panick when my 15 years old son smoke a cigarette? Will I transmit my reading habit to them or will they reject it? Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle as it is or will I change it in accordance to their requirements? How will be my daily schedule? ,,, only the days will reveal the answers.



* I think I owe ME an apology. The number he gave me was correct, the one who answered just wasn’t the one who should have answered. Thank God, I really like ME’s music…

* BTW my beleif in love stems mainly from seeing a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary in a honeymoon-like trip, or two sixty years old holding hands while watching the sunset, or a couple with 15 years old kids still calling each other “honey, baby, sweety, love,,,, etc”. I don’t know why but I am deeply impressed with gray-hair-love-stories 🙂

* Today I went to get some biscuits from a koshk, the old woman working there refused to take any tips from me, so in order to break my embarrassment I tried to talk with her about her kids. She was VERY proud of her 6 children, 3 of them graduated from faculties, 2 of them still in school and one of them married and left school. The smile on her face brightened my day 🙂


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