Hosh al-Basha

https://i0.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/229/478610139_6c277d6972.jpgToday I grabed my camera and headed for a new photography tour. My main target was the Japanese garden in Helwan, but -by chance- I passed by El Imam El Shaffei and Hosh El Basha, so I decided to stop for a while and take some photos. Tab3an the security guys https://i0.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/181/478633266_0f3a129d1b.jpgwere very surprised to find me entering the place to take photos just for fun! It was very weird for them, one of them told me that there are many other islamic monuments for more attractive, but how could he say so? the colours of the tombs arre fascinating ! fe3lan makaber terod el ro7 🙂

For those who don’t knohttps://i0.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/169/478650601_177b1a4a76.jpgw what I am talking about , here is a little info about the place: ” Hosh al-Basha is an Arabic name meaning, ‘courtyard of the Pasha’, which was given to the Royal family graveyards and more specifically, the (many) descendents of Mohammed Ali’s family….. The interior layout of the domed rooms is quite irregular. In one of the main central chambers, which is richly decorated in green and gold, lies Tousson, Ismail, and Ibrahim Pasha, the sons of Mohammed Ali by Amina. She was his first and favorite wife…. They are surrounded by their wives and children and faithful servants. The first memorial, upon entering one of the chambers is the towering white marble tomb of the mother of Khedive Tawfiq (1879-92). Under the dome next to Tousson are the cenotaphs of ‘Abbas I, his son Ilhami Pasha, his wife, and Ahmad Rif’at, son of Ibrahim Pasha.”

For more photos check my flickr...


P.S. There is a very interesting Lebanese movie that will be shown on Wednesday in City Stars and Galaxy. It’s called Bosta. I don’t know yet what is about and I didn’t even see the trailer. I just saw the poster when I was in Prince Taz Palace, and I saw that it was starring Nadine Labky! So let’s see how she is doing as an actress after her success in directing video clips. I also liked their phrase: They danced to forget their pain..


6 responses to “Hosh al-Basha

  1. Thanks Dailyantics 🙂 the colourful sauna was in one the houses in el Azhar area, I think it was in Zeinab Khatoun’s.
    You can check out the website of the store next to it http://www.alkhatoun.net/ … very beautiful

    Juka,,, YALLA !

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