Back from Alexandria

Yaah! What a weekend! On Friday me and my mother joined PTP in a walk in Alexandria, we started with el Nabi Danial street, went to cavafy house, then Sayed Darwish museum, El souq el faransawi, zan`et el settat, some mosques there, then finished the tour at Qaitbay fortress. I can’t beleive it that my mom was able to continue the whole tour, all of us were extremely tired (especially after a delicious meal at Abu Ashraf).

The trip should have a separate post, so this is not the official Alexandria post 😉

I had an interesting incident at Abu Ashraf. After eating one whole Bouri fish, calamaria, and shrimps, we were getting ready to move. We saw a famous singer (ME), I really like his songs… ma3aleina. One of my friends was calling me and I told her about that guy because she likes his songs too. She was excited about this as she was searching for his agents’ contacts, her cousin is preparing for her wedding and she wants the guy to sing in her wedding. El mohem… I went there and talked to him with my utmost apologetical tone (I hate to intrude the privacy of others), and told him about this,, he was very nice and told me call Mr. Mohamed |Fouad at 010 XXXX, no no take this instead 012 XXXX. I thanked him and gave the number to my friend. Two minutes later she called me saying that the number is wrong….. mmm. I am trying to convince myself that he didn’t mean to give me a wrong number, and that the name Mohamed Fouad was just a coincidence,,, but there is a hidden voice telling me that he was mocking me, and if this is true, this guy will be on my black list forever.


Remember when I was talking about Mohamed Mounir’s “When I was 20 years old“??? Tamer El-Sayed reminded me that I was eager to re-read the translation of the song…. and HERE it is:

Yesterday when I was young. I used to enjoy my youth… Dwell in my yearnings and love… I was only twenty… waves were racing by… health was near by… what splendor years they were… I used to enjoy my youth among my companions… All night long… I knew heartache… used to have a crush on many ladies but refused to give in… ‘cos this is typically my arabic personality… and if i say i would still want… to fall in love more and more… then it’ll be obiviously a lie… Yesterday love overwhelmed me… deep inside its whirlpool… I tried my best to defeat it… And distract myself away… Yesterday I was twenty…

This is the completed translation, but this is what is written on the cover of the Mohamed Mounir’s tape… 


2 responses to “Back from Alexandria

  1. Noushy, glad you had fun alhamdulilah! The walk sounds GREAT, sounds like the next time I come to Egypt I’m going to be emailing you for all the good places to go! 😀 that’s if you don’t mind! Visit my blog whenever you’re free, I’m confessing my thoughts on Egypt!
    And about the singer…I hope he wasn’t mocking you, because that will give me a very bad impression of these ‘singing’ folks.

    Yalla take care

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