Outdoors outtings in Cairo

I think I mentioned it before,,,, I LOVE outdoors outtings, I am fed up with the normal cafe me and my friends go to. So we decided that the priority will always be to open air places, we usually go out in Maadi:

  • Villa 55: Our newest discovery in Maadi, it is located in street # 9, in front of Lucille’s, 2 blocs before Macdonalds.. You can’t miss it. It is a villa with a garden. Very pretty furniture. There is a kids corner too. What I like about it is that you really feel at home, or at the family’s place on the north coast (which is even better).
  • Wadi Degla: hiking or cycling in the morning, barbecue, and tea by night. It’s better to have a 4X4, but generally we park the car outside and walk, or we go in with one car filled with all the needed materials (fa7m, shawaia, food, drinks,,,). We went to the other side of the valley, on the side of the canyons,,, great view !
  • Euro Deli: we used to love it, we had many birthdays there, but after a while we didn’t like the service or the maintenance
  • Ora cafe: nice, the owners are actually our friends, so we have some special treatment from the staff, but the food is not wow and on thursdays it gets very crowded with high schoolers.
  • Route 66: great burger, little bit cold by night, and some people don’t like eating on the trottoir, but for me I don’t mind khaless. And when we go like “I will awful after eating the whole burger”, we otder it without the bread,, hehe
  • Beano’s: I don’t know why but I really like Beano’s, maybe its colours, its furnitures, the staff’s attitude, I don’t know. In Maadi they have 2 places, both with an outdoors area, I prefer the one in share3 9, I feel kinda out of Cairo with all the foreigners having breakfast, also when I used to bike on friday mornings with some friends, we used to finish the tour there, so for me it is associated with happy feelings 🙂
  • Felouka: It has been a long time since we last took a felouka (almost a year), however, we truly enjoy the summer breeze.

And when we decide to rebel and go out of Maadi, we go places like: 

  • The horses stable: One day we were out of ideas, so we called the guy in charge, explained that we will come, but won’t ride, we’ll just sit and drink tea, I love this place (it was featured in Mostafa Shaaban’s movie “Ahlam Omrena”), the place is clean and the horses are beautiful !
  • Il Pennelo: either in Mohandessin or in Heliopolis, it is really nice, we’d go there, paint, have some laughs and enjoy it. It is not really our type of outdoors, in Heliopolis you are overlooking a busy street, in Mohandessin you are in between some buildings, but it’s ok.
  • Trianon: it opened a branch in Giza, infront of Sheraton El Qahira, right after Gold’s Gym. It’s not bad. Little bit pricey for a normal cafe. Great view. The ambiance didn’t really touch me though.
  • Khan El Khalili: a couple of times we went to Khan El Khalili, very noisy, very touristic, bas aho, taghyeer.
  • Pause Cafe: In the airport mall, there is a nice cafe. It is not wow, I will think twice before going all the way to the airport to sit in a cafe. The exceptional thing about it is its atmosphere, it will feel like being on the north coast, if u like the crowds at Marina, you may like this place. For me I prefer quiter places where I can have a normal conversation with my friends.
  • Cilantro Nile City: generally Cilantro is not bad, but there is nothing new, Cilantro 3 years ago is the same Cilantro today. The Nile City branch has an advantage of having a view on the Nile from Imbaba’s bridge, but it is not outdoors,,, mmm maybe I should take it off my list.
  • Toot Express / Tres Bien / Queen: These are not really an outting-place, we have our drinks or sandwiches in the cars, but it’s okay, when we are 3 or 4, we don’t need anything more than that.
  • Clubs: Nadi El Yaght, Maadi, Gezira… It may sound old fashioned, but one of the greatest places to hang out quietly and enjoy some quality time are the clubs we used to go to when we were kids. When there are friends who are not members we get them tickets (15 or 20 LE), it is not that costy because the food prices in the cluba are WAY less than outside it.

Finally, it’s not about where to go out that counts, it’s with who you go out. El ganna men gheir nas ma tendass. Ekhtar el rafiq qabl el tariq. I can feel happy in the desert with the right people, and I can feel miserable in the midst of a beautiful scenery.



3 responses to “Outdoors outtings in Cairo

  1. Yaaaaay! I’m so happy you wrote this! If you see my blog I try to show places in Egypt too but this list is FANTASTIC, I will cherish it and try to visit these places the next time I come to Egypt! Thanks Nosh you made my day!

  2. Love Villa 5…there’s somethign so peaceful about that place. When I think about us returning to Cairo, that house would be my unobtainable fixer upper.

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