Lessons of life

Today, I had an interesting experience. I was walking with less than one LE in my pockets!

It all started by spending money for few little stuff (capuccino from on the run, chocolate for the office gus, and few other stuff). I reminded myself that I needed to get some money from the ATM, but I totally forgot it during the day. So I finished work, headed to the ATM machine, and OOPS, it is not available !!!! I went to others ATMs and likewise !!!

I was in big trouble. I counted all the money I had, threw everything in my bag, just to pay for the parking (3 LE). I even gave the guy coins of 25 and 10 piasters claiming that I want to get rid of the coins !!

El mohem, later on I had to visit a friend’s mom, so I went to another ATM, and pouf! it worked! (sigh).

The funniest thing is that later on I put my hands in my pockets and found some money,,,,, can u imagine!!!!!

Lessons learnt:

  1. Put all the money in the wallet not my pockets
  2. put extra money in the car for emergencies
  3. never spend money without counting what’s left

ma7adesh beyakolha belsahel 😀


5 responses to “Lessons of life

  1. I always face such situations and I don’t learn from them, I don’t keep money in wallets either, they are scattered keda in my bag and I never know how much do I carry.
    Once I discovered that I didn’t have enough money when I was about to fill my car with gas so I told the guy do you take credit cards , tab3an he told me no but luckily after searching I hardly found enough money for 10 liters and didn’t tip the guy (how embarrassing) 😀

  2. LOL. I can imagine it happening. I blame it on our reliance on plastic money. Nowadays almost everywhere takes credit cards, you simply forget the need for cash untill your car starts screaming it needs gas!!

  3. Nesrina,,, I passed through this bardo 😦 it was very embarrassing !

    Juka,,, you are right, el wa7ed lazem ye3eish 3eishet aholoh bardo 🙂 I fear a day when our kids will think about money as we think about nezam el mokaida ! 🙂

  4. ooh girls pls give me abreak not having any money in my pocket it happens to me like every week and i get used to this,may be it`s just because my life is more entertainig than yours:D i mean i`m in aprivate college and i wait the college bus every day to go to college and come back home,i don`t have acar to buy gas,i don`t ride public buses or taxis,i just waist all my money over on the run candies and chocolate bars :D:D:D,love yr blogs nousha i`m gonna be an active member ,ana krart 5las 😀

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