A Journey in Islamic Cairo

Yesterday I decided to go for a tour in Islamic Cairo with a friend. We went to Bayt Zeinab Khatoun, Bayt El Sitt Wasila, Bayt El Harrawi. Then we headed to The Mawlaweya complex and Prince Taz Palace. It was a nice journey 🙂

Please check out my photos and let me hear ur comments (@ Flickr) I will post more photos later on.


4 responses to “A Journey in Islamic Cairo

  1. Great photos. There is such a wealth of history in Cairo that is frequently overlooked, even by its own residents. Is there an online resource (website, etc.) that lists all of the historical sites in Cairo?

  2. I would love to do that someday inshaAllah when I have more time, but since I’m not very familiar with Egypt I don’t know where to go half the time. All these places you went to, is that like a complete journey of Islamic Cairio? I’ve heard of this wall that still stands, since the days of the caliph, is that true? I need to make a list of these places so the next time I can visit!

  3. I love those walks ya Nousha…aslan if you walked a little bit to the end of syoufeya st. and crossed the st, you can enjoy some nice time @ beit el kretleya..to7fa.

  4. Sayed, thanks 🙂 There are many websites that list all historical sites in Cairo, among my favorites: http://www.eternalegypt.org, http://www.cultnat.org, touregypt.net,,,

    UM, there is no one complete journey in Islamic Cairo, there are many mosques, houses, souqs, schools,,,, I am trying to pick few places every now and then.
    I don’t know which Calipha you mean, but I will look for the walls that had historical significance,,,, but I think it will be a bab, like bab zuweila, bab el fetouh,,, etc

    Nerro, thanks for the advice, but I don’t know why I am not a big fan of beit el keretleya, I loved the legends that were mentioned in the book, but the house itself is not among my favorites… 3ala fekra, I first got to know ur blog when I was searching for info related to Prince Taz Palace 🙂 This was almost one year ago !

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